December Sketchbook

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I just started on the december sketchbook! 

I have one for july/aug/sept, can’t find it right now though 🙂

The funny thing is that I started out with 3 months in a book, went to 2 months in a book…I just have to fit one month into one now!!

At first I thought it would be nice to collect my stuff in one place, true enough, but I have also found that I challenge myself in a way to draw, it is good I easily can go back looking at the previous day’s work 🙂 my aim was also to develop my own style and I rest easy in that goal, even I (!!) can see there has been development, and it feels really good! Now I want practise the full view pictures, you now the ones with a story going on and has an action in them, this month I am challenging myself to draw pictures that give you some kind of story!

Here are the two first pictures in the december sketchbook.

Btw, did I mention I have found that I really suck at drawing hands…so you will probably see many weird looking hands the coming future 😂

The one above I just added things to to practise the full view picture 🙂 it was some time ago I did them …


Urban Sketchers 2016-11-26

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We went to the Art Museum of Norrköping on sunday to draw. I normally get like 15 drawings down in a two hours drawing session…hear me when I say I made…..4!!!

Next session is at a local café on wednesday ❤️

It feels good trying to work my drawings a bit more than I usually do 🙂


Ideas are brewing

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Something hit me tonight when I got home, it was something I had thought of before but not in this enlightened way… I feel like I have one way of working when I draw or paint from reality…and another when I draw my woods and made-up people…offcourse I should merge the two…the thought have gone through my mind many times…but I have had the though ‘how?’ as a respond…but tonight it felt like I all of a sudden just got the answer to my ‘how?’

A few words about my idea and two drawings to start it all in my sketchbook, I usually feel it is best to catch the moment when it comes around 🙂

Now time to sleep on it, and try again tomorrow ❤️


Urban Sketchers 2016-11-23

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So tonight we met again at this lovely local café in Norrköping. Coffee. Cheesecake. Drawing. Talking. All the things I really enjoy and besides I like to talk (I think my students could agree on that) 😉

Here are a few drawings from tonight. I started off by drawing the same view two times and turned to the candle we all drew from different angles, and then an apple…a plastic too perfect apple….

Today I also brought a friend with me, it feels like we are slowly but steady expanding ❤


Urban Sketchers 2016-11-16

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Tonight we met up at a local café in my town. My bearded man joined in to chill out (and I bought him coffee and cookie, could be that too).

I got to meet a really nice woman in the group I haven’t met yet, it turned out we shared taste of music to some extent 🙂

I did a few small drawings of what I had nearby, but since this is a more relaxed session I turned to my own kind of style and made some kind of portrait of how I am feeling.

I am working with my stomach problems and it is going really good! I feel good!! Or at least better 😉


Gredelin Nude Studies

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This evening I attended a nude drawing session at a local art supply store. I made a huge bunch if drawings, but wow was I rusty!!

Next time I will bring my sketchoad with brown papers and charcoal, and soft pastells!! To have something to play around with 🙂

I need to do this more often!!


Fruit salad

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Last week I had a lecture about school, off course I can’t help but draw at the same time as I listen and take notes, so here is a (some doodles) drawing from the lecture.


Also on thursday last week it was a drawing session with Urban sketchers. I did this really hard decoration that was standing on the table.


All of a sudden one of the workers on the café ask me and my company if we would like a cappuccino they accidentally had made, well yes, off course!!14925381_10154530345791285_7237448602394967830_n

So from here I drew the mug, but that was not easy, the cup was really smooth so there was no sharp lines breaking the shape, I did a few sketches that got….weird…

And then on friday I think it was I drew from references on pinterest, just quick sketches, but one I felt kind of good about.


Well it ain’t perfect but I liked the reference picture, it had a good feeling around it 🙂

Tomorrow it is work again, which means probably a few drawings in the evening to relax my mind!


Urban sketchers 2016-11-06

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Today we went to the art museum of Norrköping, my hometown.

I started of with a climbing sculpture.

There were more of these kind of sculptures placed all around the museum… I found a crounching guy!

But these sculptures were not realistic in detail, no, their shape has been smoothed out and it was really hard to find the right balance, especially the hands…

I tried several times, but I am not really sure it gave as much as I would have wanted… I moved on!

I made a basic one point perspective, and found a lovely still life!

I also entered a part of the “Utopia” exhibition with a few friends and ended up drawing this huge construction pf areas to sit and read books on the theme of utopia, on pillars they had put cactus plants 🙂 really fun working on the basics of two point perspective in real life 🙂

Have a nice sunday evening!!