Fruit salad

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Last week I had a lecture about school, off course I can’t help but draw at the same time as I listen and take notes, so here is a (some doodles) drawing from the lecture.


Also on thursday last week it was a drawing session with Urban sketchers. I did this really hard decoration that was standing on the table.


All of a sudden one of the workers on the café ask me and my company if we would like a cappuccino they accidentally had made, well yes, off course!!14925381_10154530345791285_7237448602394967830_n

So from here I drew the mug, but that was not easy, the cup was really smooth so there was no sharp lines breaking the shape, I did a few sketches that got….weird…

And then on friday I think it was I drew from references on pinterest, just quick sketches, but one I felt kind of good about.


Well it ain’t perfect but I liked the reference picture, it had a good feeling around it 🙂

Tomorrow it is work again, which means probably a few drawings in the evening to relax my mind!



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