UrbanSketchers 2016-11-18

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The last official drawing session this year took place at the Swedish Air Force Museum. 

W O W!!!

I have to visit this place again, memories of the air ceaft in the Gibli films flashed before my eyes, I had a small moment of “wow, I can be like him…drawing air crafts…”, you could really see the inspiration…perhaps not exactly from the swedish air crafts but from the era which they were used. Next thought were…”wow, did these REALLY manage to be airborne without crashing?!?”. My next thought…”where should I start?!?”

It was a bit tighter between the airplanes than I thought, but I managed to get a seat as where I could at least try to fit the whole plane onto the paper.

And offcourse the tail didn’t make it. Perhaps the problem is that I have a to small sketchbook 😉

I think I probably messed this one up by thinking I could draw shadows with my pitch black Shinhan touch liner, it got a vit messy in the middle. But I must say I really like working up my layers when drawing, it works really well to my style of drawing ❤

Next up was my fashination for the different motors. They had motors hanging from the ceiling, so many details, next time we will meet again 😉

But I did get stuck at one front motor.

Here I still was at the older air planes section. Damn, I should have written down the moddl of the plane!!

Next up was a newer model!

And again the tail just….disappeared…really have to work on that until next time 🙂

I think though, that this last piece is the one I feel the most comfortable with. Probably because I had warmed up a bit to the structure of the air planes. 

I should point out that I have never drawn an airplane or a motor of an airplan before in my life, you can do it if you make a small effort!

Soon christmas break, guess who will be drawing quite a lot 😉



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