I want to continue

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With a new year comes the thoughts of what I have been doing the last year and off course the thoughts of what I would like to accomplish the coming year.

I want to start my new year like this, with a few days left on this year. I want to write what I want and where I want to start.

I have a tale to tell, and it has somewhat been hard to continue. It has never been hard to start, I have started many times. This time around I want to continue. I have always cherished my relationship with my grandma (on my mother’s side) and we have shared many moments together throughout my childhood and my grown up life. Then she passed away. It has been 1, 5 years since, and I still think I sometimes can call her to tell me about my day. Even though I can’t tell her about my day I can remember our good days. Wow, she taught me many things…

Now I think it is time to continue. I want to write my first children’s book about the relationship between a girl and her grandmother. To be correct, I want to write AND illustrate the book myself. This job might not be done through only one year, counting I will be working as a teacher as well, but I want to continue.

I have been looking through old material and a few newer pieces that are related to this project. I have been hooked to pinterest for inspiration about how to write and tips. Now it may sound like I have never written anything, hey, I am writing now. But it feels good to pick up tips along the way to develop my way of thinking about writing and stuff related.

Many thoughts are going through my mind about where to continue my project, the pieces will probably fall into place. Right now I want to start to actually write, and make an effort to give myself a first outline.

I have this great space at home next to the art studio where my bearded man and I have a small study where we have our own armchair in one corner each. I think this will be a good spot to write. But I have also always loved the loneliness about sitting in a crowded café ❤ I will find the time and space for my writing and my drawings, and in a way the two might even push each other to be better than they are today.

Time to dive into memory lane and my ideas to see how I best can tell the tale of Ophelia and her beloved grandma. More updates of my project “Ophelia” will come approximately once a month ❤

An early happy new year!



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