Gouache newbie

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Today I bought my first gouache paint. I have been think and watched informative films about it and I was really looking forward to buy the white colour. Offcourse I wanted the basics as well but I was especially thinking about the white!

When my bearded man and I entered the art supply store we became kids, as usual when entering stores like this.

We found the gouache section. And the white was ALL OUT!!! And to add that it was a scarce selection in general I must say. I was really bummed! I was bitter for at least an hour afterwards because was so much looking forward to the white paint! I got only five small 15ml tubes of Daler and Rowney and decided I would order what I needed from the web instead ❤️ 

And now some pictures! 

It wasn’t easy, this will take some real dedication to figure out, but all in all I just feel like the gouache are doing what I want and have in mind, I’m sure we will be best buddies in a few weeks! Above is test number 1, I thought it best trying to paint a very small still life.

Test 2 was more in line with trying to merge my own style with the medium. I made the colour in the back with water colours.

Test 3 I tried painting some environment to my “selfie”. Still water colour in the back.

I made a few more attempts and went on to sketching, but couldn’t resist trying gouache in my sketchbook. It worked but the paper is far from adapted for that kind of heavy duty really. 

More experiments and tests will come! And many more fails 😉



Good feeling in my heart

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Today has been a tough day at work, throat ache and coughing alot! But at the same time it felt good being back!

When I got home I met up a friend who joined me at the drawing session with Urban Sketchers Norrköping.

I felt inspired by my friends at the Urban Sketchers and even though I didn’t draw very effectively today, I still felt like they gave me energy, and that feels so good! I have the feeling I want to draw more this evening. I love the drawings Dani made, like these nature inspired figurines. I love the drawings Alex made, getting good perspective on hands and the placing of eyes. I loved to see the drawing Joel and Edin made at the air craft museum a few days ago. 

I got do many ideas today, thoughts on collaborations, continue writing my childrens book, wanting to post things on my deviantart page.

All just scribbles today, but it felt good, in good company ❤️


Down with common cold

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I am down with a common cold. But upside, I am done now and looking forward to working tomorrow, two days resting is enough!

Right before the sun set my bearded man suggested a walk would do me good, and it did.

The two last couple of days:


EDIT: It seems I’m staying home one more day… 😩

Urban sketchers 2017-01-11

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Today was our weekly session at the Brödernas café. What is amazing is that I only worked on ONE piece!!! That is so crazy since I usually make several 🙂

The under sketch is made with windsor and newton brushmarker and in the top just ordinary pencil 🙂 this way of working feels really good, today felt like a good day 🙂


Not there yet

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It feels so good to express my creativity in more than one way. I was going through som old notebooks/sketchbooks and found lots of different shorter stories and poems. I was really looking for a few notes I wrote years ago but found not only texts from before but also sooooo much drawings and ideas about this book-project of mine. I have been on the way to start many times but then it has just turned into ideas.

Right now I am going strong! I might be in the ending of a first draft that could be the first of many adventures with my character Ophelia. When I write I realise that I will really have to go back to check repetetion and dialogues. I feel like I might not vary my language that much from time to time, but for now it still feels good. 

I have this habit of thinking ahead…quite often, and I am nowhere near the part where you can choose the design of the book, but it still feels kind of reasonable to think about it since I want to put text and illustration together in the best way possible…

I am even thinking about the size/shape of the book.

It’s fun to imagine all the different kinds of style it could turn into ❤️ 

Tomorrow I will continue writing and a monster will show up!

~ Leia

Yesterday tattoo-day

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I went to the studio yesterday to get another tattoo 🙂

I wanted a bunny and strawberries. A bunny and the look it has because it looks like it heard something and just stands still to listen, to in a moment decide what to do, love it. And strawberries…because they are crazy-yummy offcourse, love strawberries ❤️

I decided to have it on my forearm to fill up space next to my rose 🙂

And the finished piece

Inspiration was from old strawberry posters online and the bunny is inspiration from Heather Gross drawings 🙂

Now I just need to take care of it and I’ll be back in a few weeks so that the tatto artist can check it.

Tattoo studio: Lucky7 Norrköping

Tattoo artist: Wille


The start of Ophelia

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It has begun. I am writing, I am re-writing and I am realizing that what I am writing will have to take critics. I am used to critics about my art, because I am still the worst critic. It is scary to put yourself out there in a new manner, and exciting.

“Ophelia” is taking shape, the start of the outline is almost at the finish line, with that said the whole outline is far from finished. In the beginning you will get to know Ophelia and her Grandmother and their routine. Then the story builds up with a weird dream that doesn’t feel like a dream, perhaps it was reality all way through?!

I have had a good flow when writing. I got this awesome writing book I write all the first texts in and then I write them into my laptop, I like both mediums. I have from the start made sure to split text to specific pages and marked where illustration can have some space. I get the feeling that this will make it easier to plan my illustrations and do a mock up children’s book when the right time comes. 

Also I will be applying for a course in illustrating for children that will take place during the summer. The great thing about it is that I will have the opportunity to send my material before hand and get feed back. 

My thoughts are still everywhere, sorry about that.

Here are a few drawing from the last couple of days…