The start of Ophelia

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It has begun. I am writing, I am re-writing and I am realizing that what I am writing will have to take critics. I am used to critics about my art, because I am still the worst critic. It is scary to put yourself out there in a new manner, and exciting.

“Ophelia” is taking shape, the start of the outline is almost at the finish line, with that said the whole outline is far from finished. In the beginning you will get to know Ophelia and her Grandmother and their routine. Then the story builds up with a weird dream that doesn’t feel like a dream, perhaps it was reality all way through?!

I have had a good flow when writing. I got this awesome writing book I write all the first texts in and then I write them into my laptop, I like both mediums. I have from the start made sure to split text to specific pages and marked where illustration can have some space. I get the feeling that this will make it easier to plan my illustrations and do a mock up children’s book when the right time comes. 

Also I will be applying for a course in illustrating for children that will take place during the summer. The great thing about it is that I will have the opportunity to send my material before hand and get feed back. 

My thoughts are still everywhere, sorry about that.

Here are a few drawing from the last couple of days…



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