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It feels so good to express my creativity in more than one way. I was going through som old notebooks/sketchbooks and found lots of different shorter stories and poems. I was really looking for a few notes I wrote years ago but found not only texts from before but also sooooo much drawings and ideas about this book-project of mine. I have been on the way to start many times but then it has just turned into ideas.

Right now I am going strong! I might be in the ending of a first draft that could be the first of many adventures with my character Ophelia. When I write I realise that I will really have to go back to check repetetion and dialogues. I feel like I might not vary my language that much from time to time, but for now it still feels good. 

I have this habit of thinking ahead…quite often, and I am nowhere near the part where you can choose the design of the book, but it still feels kind of reasonable to think about it since I want to put text and illustration together in the best way possible…

I am even thinking about the size/shape of the book.

It’s fun to imagine all the different kinds of style it could turn into ❤️ 

Tomorrow I will continue writing and a monster will show up!

~ Leia


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