Good feeling in my heart

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Today has been a tough day at work, throat ache and coughing alot! But at the same time it felt good being back!

When I got home I met up a friend who joined me at the drawing session with Urban Sketchers Norrköping.

I felt inspired by my friends at the Urban Sketchers and even though I didn’t draw very effectively today, I still felt like they gave me energy, and that feels so good! I have the feeling I want to draw more this evening. I love the drawings Dani made, like these nature inspired figurines. I love the drawings Alex made, getting good perspective on hands and the placing of eyes. I loved to see the drawing Joel and Edin made at the air craft museum a few days ago. 

I got do many ideas today, thoughts on collaborations, continue writing my childrens book, wanting to post things on my deviantart page.

All just scribbles today, but it felt good, in good company ❤️



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