Gouache newbie

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Today I bought my first gouache paint. I have been think and watched informative films about it and I was really looking forward to buy the white colour. Offcourse I wanted the basics as well but I was especially thinking about the white!

When my bearded man and I entered the art supply store we became kids, as usual when entering stores like this.

We found the gouache section. And the white was ALL OUT!!! And to add that it was a scarce selection in general I must say. I was really bummed! I was bitter for at least an hour afterwards because was so much looking forward to the white paint! I got only five small 15ml tubes of Daler and Rowney and decided I would order what I needed from the web instead ❤️ 

And now some pictures! 

It wasn’t easy, this will take some real dedication to figure out, but all in all I just feel like the gouache are doing what I want and have in mind, I’m sure we will be best buddies in a few weeks! Above is test number 1, I thought it best trying to paint a very small still life.

Test 2 was more in line with trying to merge my own style with the medium. I made the colour in the back with water colours.

Test 3 I tried painting some environment to my “selfie”. Still water colour in the back.

I made a few more attempts and went on to sketching, but couldn’t resist trying gouache in my sketchbook. It worked but the paper is far from adapted for that kind of heavy duty really. 

More experiments and tests will come! And many more fails 😉



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