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I went to work yesterday. I drive quite a few miles to my current work and when I have about 30 minutes left I pass this section with water of both sides of the road with opportunities to take a break from your driving. I did.

I actually was a bit early on the road this morning and I thought just when I saw the small exit that I need to stop and really look at this lovely scenery. There is a beach right next to where I parked my car so I just had to pull my wool scarf a bit tighter around me, even though we are in may the degrees are not very high (even the coldest may in about thirty years if you believe the news).

Crisp air. Cold. Beautiful light. Waves rolling in. And just a moment for myself.

Thursdays is normally my long day in the week, but as it is now…pretty much all days feel long, grades and stuff is coming up at work and a few other events which need attention. For those who don’t know I work as an art and english teacher 🙂

Perhaps someone noticed in the beginning “current work”, I will be working at a new workplace in the fall. The summer is coming fast which also means partly saying a few goodbyes and that stuff. I really like my current workplace…it is like my second family, AWESOME colleagues and AWESOME atmosphere ❤

This fall I will work closer to home and that will bring with more hours to put into my art ❤

An art update will come in a near future ❤




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