First coffee and then…

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I showed dad the setup for our weekend.

We started of with experimenting with the oil colours, since dad never had worked with oil colours before and it was a while ago for myself. All I can remember is that the paint didn’t do what I wanted so I just quit oil colours, I haven’t used mine in years! I  snowed in on acrylics instead 🙂 

My plan to start this way was a good one.

My first painting today:

Above is the final version. Dad didn’t know where to start, but then he ended up making his own woods 🙂

I didn’t get a picture of his final version, I’ll make sure to show it off tomorrow!

Then it was time for coffee ⭐☕

And then real deal started… selfportraits:

My dad has never done anything creatively hard like today I think, he had moments of real frustration but he really pulled through! Besides I don’t think he really tried to make a selfportrait before like we did today! Lots of cred!

We worked with light and shadow and warm and cold values. The selfies will be finished tomorrow 🙂

Tomorrow the final versions will be uploaded!

One small reflection…it seems like the oil colours actually are doing like I want this time, exciting to see where this might lead.



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