Preparations for the weekend

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Dad will be here very soon. For christmas when I paniced about what to give him I might have bought a bottle of wine and made a pretty card saying that we will decide a weekend during the spring and he will visit me and paint. It is a great idea but I just felt a bit dumb when he reminded me and I just played along cause I had no idea what he was talking about..and then I took a photo of the card he got cause he had it on his fridge…I will just blame…my brain…

So this last week I have been doing a few errands after work. Buying paint and everything, I decided that we will dive into oil colour. It was some time ago and since he isn’t all used to painting he will have time to mix colours and applying it to the canvas!

So above is one of my corners in my art studio at home. I think I am ready now 🙂
Offcourse updates will come during the weekend!


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