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Earlier this spring I signed up for a summer course at a folk high school up in Leksand. For a whole week I will be focusing on illustratons with dept into childrens books ❤

I got the welcoming letter the other day amd more info is to come as well, I am soooo excited!! This spring I have been working on my own childrens book with both text and illustrations… I have a thousand questions prepped in my head for this course and one of the greatest parts is that when I get home I still have the whole summer to continue working with my project. and when the fall comes I have signed up for a course that will run thrugh the whole fall once a week with the aim of learning how to start up your company, yep, longing for that too ❤

Leksand is a town 4,5 hours north of my town and I will be going with a friend of mine so the roadtrip to Leksand by car is going to be awesome. I was in luck a few weeks ago as well, dad asked if I was interested in a shoulder bag, I was like, YES!! Because the bag is one of those where you are supposed to fit in laptop, lots of pappers and be able to partly travel in, this bag will perfect to pack with my art supplies when going north! It is otherwise a black and quite boring looking bag but for the occasion perfect!

I have bag, check. then the big question… what do I pack? what do I need? First answer EVERYTHING!!! next thought…the things I actually use..But I am absolutely filling up my own stocks before going, so tomorrow I am putting in an order from Mattonbutiken

I am not sponsored or anything but out of all the different shops I have visited or ordered form online I must say that mattonbutiken has everything I need to ok prices, and besides it feels good to be able to order everything form one place and not order from like five different!

My fave art supplies right now!

  • Prisma color col-erase
  • Shinhan touch liner
  • Sakura micron liners
  • Copic classic
  • Watercolours
  • Paperstyle blanc papers A4 (to sketch in)
  • Moleskin watercolour album A4

And then I mix it up with acrylic inks or gouache sometimes. My bag will be very full when I leave.

Another thing happening this fall is that I start teaching at a school closer to home. A few weeks before right before all papers were signed and everything I went around being a bit nervous, nothing is finished before the paperwork is done! But I took the opportunity to draw a bit on my wacom, below are two comic strips from when I was waiting for the contracts to arrive and signing them.

Brevet jpeg

the contract jpeg

When one adventure end another begins. I will do my last weeks at my current school and tie upp all ends that I can possibly tie. I feel very lucky to have had my current school as a workplace, this is where I started my career and learned my trade and where I laid the best foundation ever for the future to continue building on to ❤





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