Sketch day

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Just been chillin out low on energy, BUT still drawing and doodling πŸ™‚ 

Below are a few pages/drawings from my sketchbook today.

Time for bed!




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I have been feeling very tired the last couple of days, slight headaches and the last couple of weeks I havn’t been able to live without allergy pills and nose spray specifically for allergy. I did a few hours in the art studio with my partner this evening while watching a film, I just drew how I felt.

But then something happened, a small spark in my mind or a small break through….perhaps….maybe…to tired to fullt act on my inspiration right away I wrote down my ideas, and just let it rest until tomorrow when time is on my hands ❀

Perhaps I quit tonight before it all went to hell πŸ˜‰

Nope, time to try to sleep, blogging from a dark bedroom with my sleeping bearded man next to me, his silent snores and even breath will help me sleep ❀ 


“A Bit of Introspection”

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is the title of number 50 in Drawn to Life vol. 1 by Walt Stanchfied (edited by Don Hahn).

I have been reading this book, and then I lost it and thought it was lost forever, and then I found it. The whole book is sectioned into chapters but throughout also numbered with tips and viewpoints from Walt Stanchfield and his lectures he have had, linked to animation and disney offcourse. The tips are sometimes very straight forward but also sometimes makes you wonder a bit extra and put your own creativity in to perspective of what he is writing about. I strongly recommend this book! More info if you follow the link above πŸ™‚

qoute from number 50 (p.106):

Why do we choose art for a career – certainly not because we were good at it. If we were good at it we wouldn’t have to struggle so hard to make a go of it.

He continues writing about how the reward of creating is the audience, but how it differs depending on how you present your work. If you hang your art for example, your friends can view your work and the reward is more instant. But if you are working with animation the road is long and you will not get that instant reward from the audience. None is there to applaude you so to speak. He writes that as an animator “[w]e can’t see our audience, but it is something to work for.” (p.107)

My own thoughts was drawn to when I get lost and somehow lose my speed, somehow it felt like it could help to think about my audience. Perhaps you are doing what you are doing just for yourself but regarding myself I think it sometimes can be important to think about who I am doing my drawings for (more than myself). I know I sometimes direct my drawings more to kids and sometimes my drawings is leaning more to some silent joke to adults.Perhaps number 50 can be of help in the future to easier find my aim.

I have been working with the text for my childrens book and I know my audience differ depending on mood and time of the day. Sometimes I think of grandma who passed away two years ago and wish she could be able to hear my story. Sometimes my mom and what she will think. I think of the children who will read my story, what are their age and what will they think. Will my book be exciting or will it be too kind?

Time for some coffee and then keep on reading πŸ™‚ ❀




Golden milk

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Yesterday my friend and I made turmeric milk, also called golden milk. I was very sceptical, VERY!!!! but I actually really liked it. We did had cardamon in our recipe and it tasted sooo GOOD!!

I started on a drawing yesterday evening and continued this morning πŸ™‚



Other than this I have started on a few drawings today, but I didn’t like how they turned out. I am actually not to sure about this either but it sure is one of the better today…

The photo I laid up on instagram yesterday πŸ™‚


The paste in the small jar is the basis for many more yummy golden milk πŸ™‚


Going out in a few min, fresh air might clear my head a little!


Sprained ankle

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I had a nurse on the phone in the beginning of the week, and she told me that I really should listen to my body and not strain myself more than necessary so that my ankle may heal up. I am kind of bad at just sitting around but at least it inspired to sketch what she advised me…


I must say I kind of like the blue pencil I have been using to sketch, the lines just kind of disappear when I paint over and scan it πŸ˜‰

I finished this piece yesterday, I used very few colours for the end result, basically two colours and a bit ink in the foreground.


I decided to keep the background ut of focus but I see that I could probably have worked a little bit more in a few places, but somehow my decision feels good anyway πŸ™‚

By the way, the ankle is feeling better, I mean I went through IKEA today without any trouble!

Now I going to swirl around on my new chair with wheels and stuff my new sideboard with good-to-have-stuff ❀



IKEA visit

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For so long I have had my lovely chair I got from an old art school I was attending, but at the same as it is very comfy it is also not at all ergonomic! So I actully bought a new chair today which I can adjust the height of, check this out!


I have had my eyes for this chair for a while, and also:


It feels soooo nice to have found an (more) ergonomic chair and this sideboard which I can just move as I like. Right now I put my oil colours at the top πŸ™‚

I also found a frame for a painting I am planning for πŸ™‚




Work in progress

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I have been working on a need base for an oil painting. I have been playing around with ordinary acrylics but also with the FW acrylic inks, therefore the lovely patterna in the base. I have not started with the oils in the wip above πŸ™‚

Yesterday I went on work with ink brush pencils for the sketch and then on with oils. I worked it up with a dark purple shade to kind of help giving the composition. I did not really have a plan but just came up with stuff as I went πŸ™‚


Now I have to wait for about a week before painting again so this one can dry up. I have added a few things I dont usually put much emphasis on when I make apintings or drawings, Quite a lot of rock and the rocks creating the passage, that will be a small challenge πŸ˜‰

Another fun work in progress I have in my watercolour album is this one.

wip morgonkaffe

I really like the way the acrylic markers gives of the feeling of a linoleum print almost. It is so mcuch fun building up a drawing/painting like this. I will absolutely take this as practise, and later move on to something new with new ideas, but it feels good working through different mtaterials a bit to get used to how they work. Funny thing is that even though I am working on water colour paper with this one I can still go on using oils on top, since I have given the paper a surface that works well with oils. The acrylic markers I have used is the brand Panduro, they have their own line of markers, and can be found at least in Sweden I am not really sure about other countries, but I do know other brands have their own line of markers as well, those I havn’t tried yet.

Later today I will show you a finished piece I sketched out the other day, but if you can’t wait I put it up on my facebook page πŸ˜‰



Yesterday’s projects

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Yesterday I cleaned my art studio, I have this habit of stacking stuff on my desk…and then in the end I sit with my sketchbook in my hands and don’t use my desk to other than storage. BAckstory!!! I found these AWESOME storage units, like small drawers in metal.

I was at the recycle station, the big one in town, and was just about to go past an middle aged man and a guy in my age, they were offcourse throwing stuff away from their car. I looked once, I was just about to move past hem when my legs turned on their own and from my mouth I hear myself asking if I can get the two drawers. They looked very surprised that anyone would confront them. Thing is that if you have thrown your stuff you may NOT take stuff because it is then owned by the municipality, BUT loop hole!!! if you ask BEFORe they throw it it is still the original owners and they can give it away. Very pleased I carried these two drawers to my car, they were heavy like…..daaaamn! but as you can se it worked really well in the studio to put away stuff but still have it conveniently close ❀

Yesterday I also engaged in a oil painting that has been standing in its easel!


Since I was going to haveΒ  an “artnest” of friends coming over I put away the easel and went on painting where I last left off. When I was finished, not finished finished, but it was so wet it has to dry before continuing, I was here:


Sorry for bad pictures, I have just taken the pictures from my instagram @imaginaryleia πŸ™‚ Wanna get a little quicker updates of my art and other weird things I’m up to don’t hesitate to follow me on instagram πŸ˜€ ❀

When the Artnest kicked off I drew and also went ahead laying out a base for a new oilpainting, but since the colours are quite awesome, I will try to remember to snap photos/upload tomorrow, and you’ll see the awesomeness about it πŸ˜‰

But the drawing on the other hand turned into a painting and I finished it.


Thought it was a bit funny to try to create some excitement in a painting πŸ™‚ I guess I will bring that with me for future paintings as a mental note for myself πŸ˜‰