Siesta in my brains today

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Though I managed to focus. I just thought “Lets open that fancy piece of water colour album you’ve got, you first place procrastinator!!!” Yeah well that is my inner voice, never doing enough…


Above is a few materials I used as well. I found this awesome pentel click pencil a few weeks back and it is really nice. You just tap a small thingy on the side to get more of the pencil and then there is lots of eraser in it you just twist to get it out. And then I went on with the Daler and Rowney FW acrylic inks to set the shadow play, that was a really fun part but also the part which takes the most time. It feels really good to feel good about painting ❤

Moving on to water colours and then progresso coloured pencils and then the unipen ink 0,1. Today was a small piece but for now that is ok, I felt good and that is what matters… and in time I building up to start painting a quite large piece I got comissioned of an colleague 😉 ❤ (Nope I have not forgot!)

The finished piece is in my updated portfolio, I actually put in a few pieces there just a few minutes ago 😀 Though I think I need to work a bit more with my categories and organization 😉

Hopefully another piece tomorrow ❤



3 thoughts on “Siesta in my brains today

  1. it’s okay if you feel lik slacking off, as you can’t expect that needed inspiration at any time you will it, and who knows, maybe, a short break is exactly what you need, to come back fully rested, so there would be that overflowing inspiration, taking a break is for the sake of traveling longer in life…

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