Favorite Sweater

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I was staring at the blank paper wodering what to draw, and autumn came to mind and the longing to use my favorite sweater and curl up with a hot cup of coffee was all in my mind 😉

copic doodle

For this one I decided not to use and “paint”, I sketched it up with prismacolour non-photo blue and then went on with the copic markers, the classic ones. It was so much fun working the negative space ❤ I also went on using the progresso pencils I’ve got to add some dept, I’m not sure if it really did what I wanted to the end result but yet again, practise to see how my materials are working with me and against me 🙂 The small black lines are just some unipen 0,1.

Before I went ahead to sketch it up I actually went back to a sketch I did once during a meeting, I was back then working with some ordinary ballpoint pen, but it felt really good, and I loved how my favorite sweater then turned out ❤ here it is:


That sweater most definitely will turn up again in my drawings 😉 ❤

I also took a photo of my the drawing above in progress, could be fun checking out as well…


I feel like I probably could/should and want to go deeper with the copics, they feel really nice, and I think I like the surface. Though you can’t go on with too many layers, the colour won’t stick and it will all just smudge. I wonder what materials that would be the best to use on top of copics….lets see!




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