“A Bit of Introspection”

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is the title of number 50 in Drawn to Life vol. 1 by Walt Stanchfied (edited by Don Hahn).

I have been reading this book, and then I lost it and thought it was lost forever, and then I found it. The whole book is sectioned into chapters but throughout also numbered with tips and viewpoints from Walt Stanchfield and his lectures he have had, linked to animation and disney offcourse. The tips are sometimes very straight forward but also sometimes makes you wonder a bit extra and put your own creativity in to perspective of what he is writing about. I strongly recommend this book! More info if you follow the link above 🙂

qoute from number 50 (p.106):

Why do we choose art for a career – certainly not because we were good at it. If we were good at it we wouldn’t have to struggle so hard to make a go of it.

He continues writing about how the reward of creating is the audience, but how it differs depending on how you present your work. If you hang your art for example, your friends can view your work and the reward is more instant. But if you are working with animation the road is long and you will not get that instant reward from the audience. None is there to applaude you so to speak. He writes that as an animator “[w]e can’t see our audience, but it is something to work for.” (p.107)

My own thoughts was drawn to when I get lost and somehow lose my speed, somehow it felt like it could help to think about my audience. Perhaps you are doing what you are doing just for yourself but regarding myself I think it sometimes can be important to think about who I am doing my drawings for (more than myself). I know I sometimes direct my drawings more to kids and sometimes my drawings is leaning more to some silent joke to adults.Perhaps number 50 can be of help in the future to easier find my aim.

I have been working with the text for my childrens book and I know my audience differ depending on mood and time of the day. Sometimes I think of grandma who passed away two years ago and wish she could be able to hear my story. Sometimes my mom and what she will think. I think of the children who will read my story, what are their age and what will they think. Will my book be exciting or will it be too kind?

Time for some coffee and then keep on reading 🙂 ❤





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