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Today: Vacation!

I have worked with  a comission, which I even finished, part of in-progress-picture below. I want to take proper photos and everything before posting anything.


I choose a paper with a bit more structured surface and it turned out to realy be the best option when I started painting with the water colours ❤

I have also bought new coffee cups so right now I am only drinking coffee out of this lovely cup ❤


I went into town with a friend right before closing today, I needed a new backpack, and I have had my eyes on a special backpack for a while ❤


This is Fjällräven Rucksack no.21 Large Navy! ❤

This series has so many nice colours you shoudl really check it out at Fjällrävens homepage

And why have I bought a new backpack…well…


I mean…

I start planning for lessons and make plans for the kids…and everything around 😀 My fingers has been itching for a while now but I have made sure to be off teacher-duty! And just having vacation…

I also start working at a new workplace, yes small butterflies are fluttering around in my stomach ❤ (I need to make a picture of this before weeks end..right?!)


*Mentally prepping….going to go eat chocolate now….*

*I wonder what coffee cup Im going to bring to my new workplace?!?!*






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Right now I’m working on a few comissions. The results will be put up into the portfolio together with a few other tings I have sold through the years 🙂

Sometimes people get very surprised I do artistic work for others by request, but I do, so if someone would want something special, please just contact me.

All of my drawings and paintings are for sale as well, I might be kind of bad when it comes to advertising this but there it is. If you’re interested in works in my portfolio or why not a drawing/painitng through my blog, just let me know.








New materials

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So the other day I went to fetch a package that came for me…new materials Hello!

Well I do have materials offcourse since before, but I am very curious of to see what different kind of brush markers that’s out thre, specifically the black ink. I really enjoy inking with the brush markers…so far.

I saw this video of you know the guy Jake Parker that invented the inktober-thing, where he had got a small package of materials that he was going to use to make a drawing, just to try the materials. First of I really liked the water colour pencils ha had got so I found the same and they are really good with their pigment!!! Secondly I really liked the idea of picking out a few materails and create something… so I actually found that that is probably the best way go at it when I got my materials!


The quality is a bit off, but that is because this picture really is kind of small, like done on a A5-sized paper…

Material above: Zig Mangaka Flexible black, Caran d’Ache Museum Aquarelle pencil Vermilion + Turquoise blue, Copic marker classic YG11 Mignonette


Also made n A5-sized paper.

Materials above: Copic markers classic RV11 Pink + BV31 Pale lavender, Caran d’Ache Museum Aquarelle pencil Purplish red, ZIG Kuretake Bimoji Fude Brush Pen



Enjoy! and yeah! the store I bought the stuff from is Penstore (online store)



Practising gouache skills

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I have actually been in my art studio all day long…so far… practising my gouache skills!

I made three squares earlier today which I just drew something into, and then I added things as I went on painting.


I was a bit sceptical to the pink-purple in the grass but…it kind of worked out well. The flowers was supereasy to scan and get a good digital copy of:

flower gouache

No tonal corrections at all… but the cup was a bit harder, even though I treied correcting it to the original painting the red just pops out a bit to much, so have that in mind 😛

mug greenery

I figured a few things out while working, I think what I really want to get a hang of is the habit of how to mix the colours depending on if you need a light dried colour or a dark colour…since the colurs change from wet to dry ….

At it later again perhaps… but I know I have a very nice package to get from the post office ❤ soooo perhaps other things will pop up later 😉




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I’m trying out gouache again. Gouache is still a bit tricky…but…I really like the way the paint dries and the results you can get ❤ 

I probably made my drawing a bit conplicated, I could have made an easier one, but it was fun ❤ 

A friend of mine also tried it out, we agree with eachother….this will take a while to get the hang of 🙂 

Tomorrow I’ll continue working with it, I will have maaaaany bad paintings coming up 😉



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I have been exploring a bit with materials and combos of them recently….I really want to find a way with ink that works with how I want the end result to be… so I will just have to continue I guess 🙂

gekopplilla 1blomster

skiss 1

Even though the hand are a bit….messed up above I somehow like how it turned out, exploring details and shapes ❤