Practising gouache skills

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I have actually been in my art studio all day long…so far… practising my gouache skills!

I made three squares earlier today which I just drew something into, and then I added things as I went on painting.


I was a bit sceptical to the pink-purple in the grass but…it kind of worked out well. The flowers was supereasy to scan and get a good digital copy of:

flower gouache

No tonal corrections at all… but the cup was a bit harder, even though I treied correcting it to the original painting the red just pops out a bit to much, so have that in mind 😛

mug greenery

I figured a few things out while working, I think what I really want to get a hang of is the habit of how to mix the colours depending on if you need a light dried colour or a dark colour…since the colurs change from wet to dry ….

At it later again perhaps… but I know I have a very nice package to get from the post office ❤ soooo perhaps other things will pop up later 😉




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