Monday and forward

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The week started quite sleepy but I managed to make an inked drawing, which I was actually quite pleased about. I have this lovely arm-chair I got from my fairy godmother, she was talking about like something really precious when she was about to give it to me, I had to ask if she was sure, she was and quickly we but it in my car. I just feel like I got the feeling I was looking for 🙂

This week’s coffee cup has been this one:


Yepp, I just love my coffee cups ❤ This one is a Höganäs coffee cup. Aaaand yepp I am kind of lazy, I use one cup for a week, and then I wash and choose another for the coming week *hehe*

As you might have seen I have added a menu called “about”, and I have been “renovating” the page a little. I tried to blog form my phone as I usually do but somehow I can’t post 😦 Therefore it was some time ago I blogged.

I have been studying to be able to manage my own company, and right now we are working our own business plans, we are working with a model called ” Business Model Canvas” (BMC)


I made my own which I later decorated and filled with my business plan. And this wednesday we presented our plans aaaand just when you thought you had it…. I feel all confused, but I guess that could be a good thing and then I could just be on right track, hopefully. Fun thing anyway is that they want us to try our busniess plans for next week and update the BMC, so I posted on facebook to see if anyone would be interested in having a meeting so that I can try out my business plan, and I got a meeting the day after tomorrow 😀

So for the moment, my teacher-work is sharing space with starting my own business and the will to create and….everything else, and soon inktober starts! If you just put your arrow over the blog-menu you will be able to see a shortcut to follow my inktober progression 😉

Updates will pop up during the weekend, have nice weekend!




Checking in :)

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I am settling in to my new job, everything just feels like home, like I know what I am doing. But I also feel I have had so much more energy by not comuting as far as I did the two last years.

Below are a few pictures from sketch book and well I just had to throw in two pictures of my coffee cup, if you follow me on instagram you are probably aware of my many coffee cup pictures 😉




I also walking around with thought on october and the event inktober. Last year I didn’t make until the end, but I think I can do it this year 😀


I started thinking about maybe doing a character I could follow up during the month of drawings, below are my first try 🙂


Well, we’ll see where it all goes when it starts ❤

During the week I suspect I will be all about my job with a few late night drawings. I am actually doing this study-thing on wednesdays, where I will learn how to start and manage my own company 😉 And on thursdays I have jumped into yoga, the kind of tyle is named “Viraya”, so there you go and few happenings to get out there during the week and the goal: always to draw a little bit more 😉


Have a nice week!