Day 31 Mask

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(Better version will be up later this week)



Practise makes perfect sense

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I am all into practising my hands, I actually found a way I think will work good for me to get the hang of the parts of the hands 🙂

New canvas (2)

No shadows and that stuff yet just want to get the hang of shape 🙂 I like the way of thinking and using the curved lines to split the fingers into different parts. I have made a few 20 something small practise drawings today thinking like above and there will probably be a few more tonight. Sometimes…..I think I am just very lazy, I just want to get it finished quicker than my brain is following and then it gets all crap.. I think I have to slow my brain down and let it take the time it takes!

Above is just a digital drawing, there was some time ago I used my wacom sooo perhaps there will be more digital drawings 🙂