Collecting good feelings


My weekend started off with some after-work, during this pleasant treat I found my new fave red wine! *Thumbs up* The bad thing, it will be quite an effort to get hold of it for my own shelfs.

On saturday I saved my little sister, she had done something weird with her glue gun soooo I bought a new one for her and delivered it, I was happy because I got coffee ❤

The evening continued with a very nice datenight out and about with my bearded man ❤ we know this really good place just around the corner form where we live ❤

And besides visiting mom today I have been quite bored. I guess it is good to be bored sometimes…or something…so instead bugging my friends over texts I just went ahead drawing…which got me to inking and painting and actually doing a piece feel quite good about ❤


This might even get into my portfolio later on 🙂



A gift


Yesterday when a friend came over she brought a gift for me ❤


I am in love ❤ Out of all brush pens I have tried so far this i the best one, AND I can refill it! It’s the Zig Kuretake Brush pen ❤

I had a drawing laying aorund so I tried it out and hten I washed some FW acrylic inks over since it was an underwater drawing 🙂


This was my first try with this brush pen sooo more to come later on, I did a few more small drawings later last night and those felt a bit more controlled with the lines and all ❤






I did it! I pushed throught he whole of inktober! ❤

I am already thinking of next year, I am going to make my own list or keep to a theme 🙂

I was brainstorming with a friend yesterday what could be the next thing..and I have been thinking about my problem with hands…. and she was like HANDSEMBER…

That could be a thing ❤