Day 22 Trail

Blog, Inktober 2017




Letters to Grandma


I can’t help but think about my grandma, especially when I get that instinct to call her and ask what she thinks.

I have written just a bit about it, but I am attending an evening course about how to start and manage my own business. I kind of think it is time to do it, try it out and see where it gets me. But offcourse I get cold feet on and off, and many things is in my head and well, many questions. The other day I just got the feeling that grandma would know the answer. Offcourse it also hit me that that isn’t possible as she passed away 2 years ago… But somehow I could hear her positive voice and an answer kind of formed in my head. Weird how you know a person and can imagine the answer without the necessity to actually ask the question.

What I wanted to ask her was things about starting my own business. I think my grandma would tell me to go for it and then tell me all the reasons why I should and why I can do it. She would probably ask me to tell her about my idea and offcourse (!) give me some smart advice on my business plan, because that is what she used to do.

When I think about my grandma, whether it be regarding advice or when I want to just tell her something bout how I am doing, I write. I write a small poem, like a letter. I have a folder on my computer with the label: “Letters to Grandma”, someday I will gather it up into a book ❤



Last inktober


I think I’m close to when I gave up inktober last year.

This year I feel I will be able to do it! Though other things are on my mind this year. Last year it was to do or not to do and this year it is doing it or doing it A+.

This last week I had many things going on so I had to catch up a bit on inktober when the weekend came…so a bit rushed perhaps but I pulled through and I like my small drawings with ink, but then I start thinking about how they should be bigger and I should put more work to it. Well I guess there is always something, right?!

And if I put my all to inktober next year with my own grade of A+ on everything…I wonder what I will compare that to….yepp we’ll see!

Bottom line….you can ALWAYS do more, so be proud of what you actually do 🙂

Wow almost sounded like some kind of wisdom there, I’m turning 30 next year so I EXPECT the wisdom to just rain down 😉


Good night ❤