Small drawings

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Tonight I’m just drawing a few small ones, I’m really to tired…

It’s fun making sketches for a new header, I have also drawn a few heads with different faces and characters to my childrens book. Though, my phone is all full in the memory, so this is it tonight with pictures of what I’ve done.

I love my Iphone 5c but the memory is really small….is it possible to upgeade an old phone or is it cheaper to just buy a new one…?!

Over and out for tonight! ❤

Final version

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Today we continued! 

Below are the final version of my dads first painting and his selfportrait:

I am not all finished actually, I need the paint ti dry so that I can cover up a few more areas without worry about smudges 🙂

Above is where I decided to stop for it to dry 🙂

We decided to make one more, though it was clear that our entusiasm had started to falter perhaps a bit…



And yet again I didn’t finish 😛 

This was a very fun and relaxing weekend ❤ 


First coffee and then…

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I showed dad the setup for our weekend.

We started of with experimenting with the oil colours, since dad never had worked with oil colours before and it was a while ago for myself. All I can remember is that the paint didn’t do what I wanted so I just quit oil colours, I haven’t used mine in years! I  snowed in on acrylics instead 🙂 

My plan to start this way was a good one.

My first painting today:

Above is the final version. Dad didn’t know where to start, but then he ended up making his own woods 🙂

I didn’t get a picture of his final version, I’ll make sure to show it off tomorrow!

Then it was time for coffee ⭐☕

And then real deal started… selfportraits:

My dad has never done anything creatively hard like today I think, he had moments of real frustration but he really pulled through! Besides I don’t think he really tried to make a selfportrait before like we did today! Lots of cred!

We worked with light and shadow and warm and cold values. The selfies will be finished tomorrow 🙂

Tomorrow the final versions will be uploaded!

One small reflection…it seems like the oil colours actually are doing like I want this time, exciting to see where this might lead.


Preparations for the weekend

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Dad will be here very soon. For christmas when I paniced about what to give him I might have bought a bottle of wine and made a pretty card saying that we will decide a weekend during the spring and he will visit me and paint. It is a great idea but I just felt a bit dumb when he reminded me and I just played along cause I had no idea what he was talking about..and then I took a photo of the card he got cause he had it on his fridge…I will just blame…my brain…

So this last week I have been doing a few errands after work. Buying paint and everything, I decided that we will dive into oil colour. It was some time ago and since he isn’t all used to painting he will have time to mix colours and applying it to the canvas!

So above is one of my corners in my art studio at home. I think I am ready now 🙂
Offcourse updates will come during the weekend!

Catching a moment

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I went to work yesterday. I drive quite a few miles to my current work and when I have about 30 minutes left I pass this section with water of both sides of the road with opportunities to take a break from your driving. I did.

I actually was a bit early on the road this morning and I thought just when I saw the small exit that I need to stop and really look at this lovely scenery. There is a beach right next to where I parked my car so I just had to pull my wool scarf a bit tighter around me, even though we are in may the degrees are not very high (even the coldest may in about thirty years if you believe the news).

Crisp air. Cold. Beautiful light. Waves rolling in. And just a moment for myself.

Thursdays is normally my long day in the week, but as it is now…pretty much all days feel long, grades and stuff is coming up at work and a few other events which need attention. For those who don’t know I work as an art and english teacher 🙂

Perhaps someone noticed in the beginning “current work”, I will be working at a new workplace in the fall. The summer is coming fast which also means partly saying a few goodbyes and that stuff. I really like my current workplace…it is like my second family, AWESOME colleagues and AWESOME atmosphere ❤

This fall I will work closer to home and that will bring with more hours to put into my art ❤

An art update will come in a near future ❤



Painting with gouache

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I have been a bit off recently, many things to do…

Though I have also been drawing and painting…continued to work with gouache…and still very tricky!

Ilike how these bushes turned out, so I started working on something bigger to try to make something finished.

Here I stopped. Though afterwards I feel kind of good about this half-finished painting. I made another!

The colours are amazing, they really pop!!

And then the other day I tried again!

I like the woods and that, but hate my figure in the foreground! I really need to work on that!

Time to draw and have this tv-show in the background I’ve seen  before. Tomorrow I visit my old art school, that will be awesome ❤️


Gouache newbie

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Today I bought my first gouache paint. I have been think and watched informative films about it and I was really looking forward to buy the white colour. Offcourse I wanted the basics as well but I was especially thinking about the white!

When my bearded man and I entered the art supply store we became kids, as usual when entering stores like this.

We found the gouache section. And the white was ALL OUT!!! And to add that it was a scarce selection in general I must say. I was really bummed! I was bitter for at least an hour afterwards because was so much looking forward to the white paint! I got only five small 15ml tubes of Daler and Rowney and decided I would order what I needed from the web instead ❤️ 

And now some pictures! 

It wasn’t easy, this will take some real dedication to figure out, but all in all I just feel like the gouache are doing what I want and have in mind, I’m sure we will be best buddies in a few weeks! Above is test number 1, I thought it best trying to paint a very small still life.

Test 2 was more in line with trying to merge my own style with the medium. I made the colour in the back with water colours.

Test 3 I tried painting some environment to my “selfie”. Still water colour in the back.

I made a few more attempts and went on to sketching, but couldn’t resist trying gouache in my sketchbook. It worked but the paper is far from adapted for that kind of heavy duty really. 

More experiments and tests will come! And many more fails 😉


Good feeling in my heart

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Today has been a tough day at work, throat ache and coughing alot! But at the same time it felt good being back!

When I got home I met up a friend who joined me at the drawing session with Urban Sketchers Norrköping.

I felt inspired by my friends at the Urban Sketchers and even though I didn’t draw very effectively today, I still felt like they gave me energy, and that feels so good! I have the feeling I want to draw more this evening. I love the drawings Dani made, like these nature inspired figurines. I love the drawings Alex made, getting good perspective on hands and the placing of eyes. I loved to see the drawing Joel and Edin made at the air craft museum a few days ago. 

I got do many ideas today, thoughts on collaborations, continue writing my childrens book, wanting to post things on my deviantart page.

All just scribbles today, but it felt good, in good company ❤️


Down with common cold

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I am down with a common cold. But upside, I am done now and looking forward to working tomorrow, two days resting is enough!

Right before the sun set my bearded man suggested a walk would do me good, and it did.

The two last couple of days:


EDIT: It seems I’m staying home one more day… 😩