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Today: Vacation!

I have worked with  a comission, which I even finished, part of in-progress-picture below. I want to take proper photos and everything before posting anything.


I choose a paper with a bit more structured surface and it turned out to realy be the best option when I started painting with the water colours ❤

I have also bought new coffee cups so right now I am only drinking coffee out of this lovely cup ❤


I went into town with a friend right before closing today, I needed a new backpack, and I have had my eyes on a special backpack for a while ❤


This is Fjällräven Rucksack no.21 Large Navy! ❤

This series has so many nice colours you shoudl really check it out at Fjällrävens homepage

And why have I bought a new backpack…well…


I mean…

I start planning for lessons and make plans for the kids…and everything around 😀 My fingers has been itching for a while now but I have made sure to be off teacher-duty! And just having vacation…

I also start working at a new workplace, yes small butterflies are fluttering around in my stomach ❤ (I need to make a picture of this before weeks end..right?!)


*Mentally prepping….going to go eat chocolate now….*

*I wonder what coffee cup Im going to bring to my new workplace?!?!*





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Right now I’m working on a few comissions. The results will be put up into the portfolio together with a few other tings I have sold through the years 🙂

Sometimes people get very surprised I do artistic work for others by request, but I do, so if someone would want something special, please just contact me.

All of my drawings and paintings are for sale as well, I might be kind of bad when it comes to advertising this but there it is. If you’re interested in works in my portfolio or why not a drawing/painitng through my blog, just let me know.








New materials

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So the other day I went to fetch a package that came for me…new materials Hello!

Well I do have materials offcourse since before, but I am very curious of to see what different kind of brush markers that’s out thre, specifically the black ink. I really enjoy inking with the brush markers…so far.

I saw this video of you know the guy Jake Parker that invented the inktober-thing, where he had got a small package of materials that he was going to use to make a drawing, just to try the materials. First of I really liked the water colour pencils ha had got so I found the same and they are really good with their pigment!!! Secondly I really liked the idea of picking out a few materails and create something… so I actually found that that is probably the best way go at it when I got my materials!


The quality is a bit off, but that is because this picture really is kind of small, like done on a A5-sized paper…

Material above: Zig Mangaka Flexible black, Caran d’Ache Museum Aquarelle pencil Vermilion + Turquoise blue, Copic marker classic YG11 Mignonette


Also made n A5-sized paper.

Materials above: Copic markers classic RV11 Pink + BV31 Pale lavender, Caran d’Ache Museum Aquarelle pencil Purplish red, ZIG Kuretake Bimoji Fude Brush Pen



Enjoy! and yeah! the store I bought the stuff from is Penstore (online store)



Practising gouache skills

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I have actually been in my art studio all day long…so far… practising my gouache skills!

I made three squares earlier today which I just drew something into, and then I added things as I went on painting.


I was a bit sceptical to the pink-purple in the grass but…it kind of worked out well. The flowers was supereasy to scan and get a good digital copy of:

flower gouache

No tonal corrections at all… but the cup was a bit harder, even though I treied correcting it to the original painting the red just pops out a bit to much, so have that in mind 😛

mug greenery

I figured a few things out while working, I think what I really want to get a hang of is the habit of how to mix the colours depending on if you need a light dried colour or a dark colour…since the colurs change from wet to dry ….

At it later again perhaps… but I know I have a very nice package to get from the post office ❤ soooo perhaps other things will pop up later 😉




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I’m trying out gouache again. Gouache is still a bit tricky…but…I really like the way the paint dries and the results you can get ❤ 

I probably made my drawing a bit conplicated, I could have made an easier one, but it was fun ❤ 

A friend of mine also tried it out, we agree with eachother….this will take a while to get the hang of 🙂 

Tomorrow I’ll continue working with it, I will have maaaaany bad paintings coming up 😉



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I have been exploring a bit with materials and combos of them recently….I really want to find a way with ink that works with how I want the end result to be… so I will just have to continue I guess 🙂

gekopplilla 1blomster

skiss 1

Even though the hand are a bit….messed up above I somehow like how it turned out, exploring details and shapes ❤




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I have been feeling very tired the last couple of days, slight headaches and the last couple of weeks I havn’t been able to live without allergy pills and nose spray specifically for allergy. I did a few hours in the art studio with my partner this evening while watching a film, I just drew how I felt.

But then something happened, a small spark in my mind or a small break through….perhaps….maybe…to tired to fullt act on my inspiration right away I wrote down my ideas, and just let it rest until tomorrow when time is on my hands ❤

Perhaps I quit tonight before it all went to hell 😉

Nope, time to try to sleep, blogging from a dark bedroom with my sleeping bearded man next to me, his silent snores and even breath will help me sleep ❤ 


“A Bit of Introspection”

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is the title of number 50 in Drawn to Life vol. 1 by Walt Stanchfied (edited by Don Hahn).

I have been reading this book, and then I lost it and thought it was lost forever, and then I found it. The whole book is sectioned into chapters but throughout also numbered with tips and viewpoints from Walt Stanchfield and his lectures he have had, linked to animation and disney offcourse. The tips are sometimes very straight forward but also sometimes makes you wonder a bit extra and put your own creativity in to perspective of what he is writing about. I strongly recommend this book! More info if you follow the link above 🙂

qoute from number 50 (p.106):

Why do we choose art for a career – certainly not because we were good at it. If we were good at it we wouldn’t have to struggle so hard to make a go of it.

He continues writing about how the reward of creating is the audience, but how it differs depending on how you present your work. If you hang your art for example, your friends can view your work and the reward is more instant. But if you are working with animation the road is long and you will not get that instant reward from the audience. None is there to applaude you so to speak. He writes that as an animator “[w]e can’t see our audience, but it is something to work for.” (p.107)

My own thoughts was drawn to when I get lost and somehow lose my speed, somehow it felt like it could help to think about my audience. Perhaps you are doing what you are doing just for yourself but regarding myself I think it sometimes can be important to think about who I am doing my drawings for (more than myself). I know I sometimes direct my drawings more to kids and sometimes my drawings is leaning more to some silent joke to adults.Perhaps number 50 can be of help in the future to easier find my aim.

I have been working with the text for my childrens book and I know my audience differ depending on mood and time of the day. Sometimes I think of grandma who passed away two years ago and wish she could be able to hear my story. Sometimes my mom and what she will think. I think of the children who will read my story, what are their age and what will they think. Will my book be exciting or will it be too kind?

Time for some coffee and then keep on reading 🙂 ❤




Golden milk

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Yesterday my friend and I made turmeric milk, also called golden milk. I was very sceptical, VERY!!!! but I actually really liked it. We did had cardamon in our recipe and it tasted sooo GOOD!!

I started on a drawing yesterday evening and continued this morning 🙂



Other than this I have started on a few drawings today, but I didn’t like how they turned out. I am actually not to sure about this either but it sure is one of the better today…

The photo I laid up on instagram yesterday 🙂


The paste in the small jar is the basis for many more yummy golden milk 🙂


Going out in a few min, fresh air might clear my head a little!