Looking back on 2018

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Last year bore both endings and beginnigs. On the second half of the year I started to draw and paint more again. I started out working more digitally, which will probably continue during this year, my ipad is a good friend in this aspect 🙂

I went all in yoga, which helped with stress at work. I even found the motivation to do yoga at home, only for my own sake.

Before christmas I finished up a logotype for a friend who is starting up her own company:

Skälsten logga jpeg


Last year certainly contains many things, but looking back I think it took a really nice turn. I am happy, I am in good health, I have my lovely boyfriend ❤ I think 2019 can become a really nice year!





Digital work

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I have been working a bit digitally 💕 Below is one of my recent digital paintings.

I have been active on instagram and starting to be more active on my facebookpage as well.

Insta @imaginaryleia

Facebook @imaginaryleia https://m.facebook.com/imaginaryleia

If you want a sneak peek at what’s coming during the weekend, please feel free to check it out ☺️

/ Leia

15 minutes

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My bearded man got the idea to make the time for 15 minutes of creativity after new years. I will probably not join him every day but as he says as well, you do have 15 minutes a day to put your mind into something, and now I have been at for a hundred minutes or so. My intention is still to make time as I pease and then be pleased with my effort, that way I can’t give myself bad concious, because since when should you about something you like doing, just saying!

I practised my digital skills today, somehow I feel better than I was when I was like seventeen, even though I haven’t really practised the digital painting and that 🙂

First I did this very stiff drawing where I just felt like I was sitting weird, holding the pen weird and everything… but then I just took another paper and just went at it, loose in hand and just…

träning faces

This was not really made to make something out of it, more like just loosen up.

And then this came out of it…


I have soooo much more to learn, today I noticed the pros of the buttons on my wacom, imagine the bliss *haha*

Maybe my 15 minutes should be some digital painting ❤ I feels like a good idea right now 🙂



Art studio time

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Yesterday I just picked up a brush I have had laying aorund for a while, but I haven’t dared using it because it is very soft and sooo nice…but I did it yesterday, I used it!




It is a brush with badger hair, I can’t remember which medium it was supposed to be used to buuuut I used it with oil colours and it worked perfectly!!

I continued working on a comission and then moved on to one of my own projects I started with ages ago.


Sorry for bad photos, but when the oils aren’t dried it is really hard to take a fair photo of it all. I think I’m coming back to oils actually, I like the fact that when I mix the colours I want they don’t dry like acrylics, though acrylics is really nice to use to base the canvas. I had another canvas standing around with a finished base and I started another painting with acrylics. I am thinking about using oils on the final layers, just to experiment 🙂


I am not really sure where this acrylic one is going but I guess I will find out soon enough.



Practise my wacom skills

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I really like my painting sofware, I use the Clip Studio Paint ❤

I just hit it tonight and went ahead with no sketch and a green surface and pretended it was a painting, like I usually do when I paint with acrylics or oil paint 🙂 I think I like this way of working so I will probably try out this a few more times during my winter break that is coming up.


I realise when looking at it now that I probably could have worked a bit more with the contrasts 😛 I will have to go back checking it out tomorrow again and see what I think. I did this kind of fast, I think I used like just above an hour to do it, so time-wise I think it is going better and better 🙂


Have a nice weekend ❤



Practise makes perfect sense

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I am all into practising my hands, I actually found a way I think will work good for me to get the hang of the parts of the hands 🙂

New canvas (2)

No shadows and that stuff yet just want to get the hang of shape 🙂 I like the way of thinking and using the curved lines to split the fingers into different parts. I have made a few 20 something small practise drawings today thinking like above and there will probably be a few more tonight. Sometimes…..I think I am just very lazy, I just want to get it finished quicker than my brain is following and then it gets all crap.. I think I have to slow my brain down and let it take the time it takes!

Above is just a digital drawing, there was some time ago I used my wacom sooo perhaps there will be more digital drawings 🙂