15 minutes

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My bearded man got the idea to make the time for 15 minutes of creativity after new years. I will probably not join him every day but as he says as well, you do have 15 minutes a day to put your mind into something, and now I have been at for a hundred minutes or so. My intention is still to make time as I pease and then be pleased with my effort, that way I can’t give myself bad concious, because since when should you about something you like doing, just saying!

I practised my digital skills today, somehow I feel better than I was when I was like seventeen, even though I haven’t really practised the digital painting and that 🙂

First I did this very stiff drawing where I just felt like I was sitting weird, holding the pen weird and everything… but then I just took another paper and just went at it, loose in hand and just…

träning faces

This was not really made to make something out of it, more like just loosen up.

And then this came out of it…


I have soooo much more to learn, today I noticed the pros of the buttons on my wacom, imagine the bliss *haha*

Maybe my 15 minutes should be some digital painting ❤ I feels like a good idea right now 🙂




Art studio time

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Yesterday I just picked up a brush I have had laying aorund for a while, but I haven’t dared using it because it is very soft and sooo nice…but I did it yesterday, I used it!




It is a brush with badger hair, I can’t remember which medium it was supposed to be used to buuuut I used it with oil colours and it worked perfectly!!

I continued working on a comission and then moved on to one of my own projects I started with ages ago.


Sorry for bad photos, but when the oils aren’t dried it is really hard to take a fair photo of it all. I think I’m coming back to oils actually, I like the fact that when I mix the colours I want they don’t dry like acrylics, though acrylics is really nice to use to base the canvas. I had another canvas standing around with a finished base and I started another painting with acrylics. I am thinking about using oils on the final layers, just to experiment 🙂


I am not really sure where this acrylic one is going but I guess I will find out soon enough.



Practise my wacom skills

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I really like my painting sofware, I use the Clip Studio Paint ❤

I just hit it tonight and went ahead with no sketch and a green surface and pretended it was a painting, like I usually do when I paint with acrylics or oil paint 🙂 I think I like this way of working so I will probably try out this a few more times during my winter break that is coming up.


I realise when looking at it now that I probably could have worked a bit more with the contrasts 😛 I will have to go back checking it out tomorrow again and see what I think. I did this kind of fast, I think I used like just above an hour to do it, so time-wise I think it is going better and better 🙂


Have a nice weekend ❤



Practise makes perfect sense

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I am all into practising my hands, I actually found a way I think will work good for me to get the hang of the parts of the hands 🙂

New canvas (2)

No shadows and that stuff yet just want to get the hang of shape 🙂 I like the way of thinking and using the curved lines to split the fingers into different parts. I have made a few 20 something small practise drawings today thinking like above and there will probably be a few more tonight. Sometimes…..I think I am just very lazy, I just want to get it finished quicker than my brain is following and then it gets all crap.. I think I have to slow my brain down and let it take the time it takes!

Above is just a digital drawing, there was some time ago I used my wacom sooo perhaps there will be more digital drawings 🙂


Inktober preparations

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Hopefully after the update I did on the wordpress app it will work properly so I can post more easy 🙂 Weird thing is that insta is now acting up xP BAD TIMING!!

Yesterday I bought new brush..ok, not one, several, but there is this one special, with goat hair and I think they are usually called a chinese brush.


When I had finshed this painting with ink it looked like this:

Ink 1 sign

This was my first try with the chinese brush, and I really like the feeling of the brush ❤

I even finished the first day of inktober this morning, but I’ll put that in its own post 🙂

Have a nice first october day!






Monday and forward

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The week started quite sleepy but I managed to make an inked drawing, which I was actually quite pleased about. I have this lovely arm-chair I got from my fairy godmother, she was talking about like something really precious when she was about to give it to me, I had to ask if she was sure, she was and quickly we but it in my car. I just feel like I got the feeling I was looking for 🙂

This week’s coffee cup has been this one:


Yepp, I just love my coffee cups ❤ This one is a Höganäs coffee cup. Aaaand yepp I am kind of lazy, I use one cup for a week, and then I wash and choose another for the coming week *hehe*

As you might have seen I have added a menu called “about”, and I have been “renovating” the page a little. I tried to blog form my phone as I usually do but somehow I can’t post 😦 Therefore it was some time ago I blogged.

I have been studying to be able to manage my own company, and right now we are working our own business plans, we are working with a model called ” Business Model Canvas” (BMC)


I made my own which I later decorated and filled with my business plan. And this wednesday we presented our plans aaaand just when you thought you had it…. I feel all confused, but I guess that could be a good thing and then I could just be on right track, hopefully. Fun thing anyway is that they want us to try our busniess plans for next week and update the BMC, so I posted on facebook to see if anyone would be interested in having a meeting so that I can try out my business plan, and I got a meeting the day after tomorrow 😀

So for the moment, my teacher-work is sharing space with starting my own business and the will to create and….everything else, and soon inktober starts! If you just put your arrow over the blog-menu you will be able to see a shortcut to follow my inktober progression 😉

Updates will pop up during the weekend, have nice weekend!



Checking in :)

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I am settling in to my new job, everything just feels like home, like I know what I am doing. But I also feel I have had so much more energy by not comuting as far as I did the two last years.

Below are a few pictures from sketch book and well I just had to throw in two pictures of my coffee cup, if you follow me on instagram you are probably aware of my many coffee cup pictures 😉




I also walking around with thought on october and the event inktober. Last year I didn’t make until the end, but I think I can do it this year 😀


I started thinking about maybe doing a character I could follow up during the month of drawings, below are my first try 🙂


Well, we’ll see where it all goes when it starts ❤

During the week I suspect I will be all about my job with a few late night drawings. I am actually doing this study-thing on wednesdays, where I will learn how to start and manage my own company 😉 And on thursdays I have jumped into yoga, the kind of tyle is named “Viraya”, so there you go and few happenings to get out there during the week and the goal: always to draw a little bit more 😉


Have a nice week!