Checking in :)

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I am settling in to my new job, everything just feels like home, like I know what I am doing. But I also feel I have had so much more energy by not comuting as far as I did the two last years.

Below are a few pictures from sketch book and well I just had to throw in two pictures of my coffee cup, if you follow me on instagram you are probably aware of my many coffee cup pictures 😉




I also walking around with thought on october and the event inktober. Last year I didn’t make until the end, but I think I can do it this year 😀


I started thinking about maybe doing a character I could follow up during the month of drawings, below are my first try 🙂


Well, we’ll see where it all goes when it starts ❤

During the week I suspect I will be all about my job with a few late night drawings. I am actually doing this study-thing on wednesdays, where I will learn how to start and manage my own company 😉 And on thursdays I have jumped into yoga, the kind of tyle is named “Viraya”, so there you go and few happenings to get out there during the week and the goal: always to draw a little bit more 😉


Have a nice week!



4 day weekend

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I continued on a painting during friday and happened to scribble a little with acrylic markers last night and today 

I find myself experimenting with layers and inks to see what is the best, or feel the best, I guess I am somewhat searching for the order if things…. yep still prepping for Leksand in the back if my head ❤

I have a small to do list for the summer which includes updating my portfolio! Just so you know ❤ 


Prepping for adventures!

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Earlier this spring I signed up for a summer course at a folk high school up in Leksand. For a whole week I will be focusing on illustratons with dept into childrens books ❤

I got the welcoming letter the other day amd more info is to come as well, I am soooo excited!! This spring I have been working on my own childrens book with both text and illustrations… I have a thousand questions prepped in my head for this course and one of the greatest parts is that when I get home I still have the whole summer to continue working with my project. and when the fall comes I have signed up for a course that will run thrugh the whole fall once a week with the aim of learning how to start up your company, yep, longing for that too ❤

Leksand is a town 4,5 hours north of my town and I will be going with a friend of mine so the roadtrip to Leksand by car is going to be awesome. I was in luck a few weeks ago as well, dad asked if I was interested in a shoulder bag, I was like, YES!! Because the bag is one of those where you are supposed to fit in laptop, lots of pappers and be able to partly travel in, this bag will perfect to pack with my art supplies when going north! It is otherwise a black and quite boring looking bag but for the occasion perfect!

I have bag, check. then the big question… what do I pack? what do I need? First answer EVERYTHING!!! next thought…the things I actually use..But I am absolutely filling up my own stocks before going, so tomorrow I am putting in an order from Mattonbutiken

I am not sponsored or anything but out of all the different shops I have visited or ordered form online I must say that mattonbutiken has everything I need to ok prices, and besides it feels good to be able to order everything form one place and not order from like five different!

My fave art supplies right now!

  • Prisma color col-erase
  • Shinhan touch liner
  • Sakura micron liners
  • Copic classic
  • Watercolours
  • Paperstyle blanc papers A4 (to sketch in)
  • Moleskin watercolour album A4

And then I mix it up with acrylic inks or gouache sometimes. My bag will be very full when I leave.

Another thing happening this fall is that I start teaching at a school closer to home. A few weeks before right before all papers were signed and everything I went around being a bit nervous, nothing is finished before the paperwork is done! But I took the opportunity to draw a bit on my wacom, below are two comic strips from when I was waiting for the contracts to arrive and signing them.

Brevet jpeg

the contract jpeg

When one adventure end another begins. I will do my last weeks at my current school and tie upp all ends that I can possibly tie. I feel very lucky to have had my current school as a workplace, this is where I started my career and learned my trade and where I laid the best foundation ever for the future to continue building on to ❤




Small drawings

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Tonight I’m just drawing a few small ones, I’m really to tired…

It’s fun making sketches for a new header, I have also drawn a few heads with different faces and characters to my childrens book. Though, my phone is all full in the memory, so this is it tonight with pictures of what I’ve done.

I love my Iphone 5c but the memory is really small….is it possible to upgeade an old phone or is it cheaper to just buy a new one…?!

Over and out for tonight! ❤

Colour between my fingers

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I just wanted to play and feel the acrylic between my fingers and there you go, new painting on the way 🙂

It feels nice to actually have the energy to paint during the weekdays! Perhaps the science I gave to my students is correct; if you create art on any level for 45 min your levels of cortisol will decrease..

Time for bed soon – over and out!


Having fun

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I have always done what I think is fun, or challenging and fun at the same time.  The main idea has and is to have fun.

I took extra classes in art in obligatory school, I moved on to study art at upper secondary school and I moved on to become an art teacher. Friends was wondering if I shouldn’t pick extra music with them instead of being the only one from our class to take art, but nope I did what I thought was fun. Friends was wondering why I was only applying to art programmes for the upper secondary school, in my mind I thought that: “Why would I choose something else when this is fun?!”. No friends questioned my choice to become an art teacher though, rather they cheered for me and thought it would fit very well.

I have always done things I think is fun and just gone with the flow somewhat. My point is that in my mind I have come a bit off track on the fun-thing. I have started to see it more as necessities to learn certain things and trying to scribble down goals to achieve, but it is hard to scribble down goals when I have somewhat already achieved a huge goal: to finish up my teacher’s degree. I mean I want to work as a teacher too so to make time for a new huge goal is not really ideal. I am a bit jealous of my bearded man who has all these small goals all the time, he gets crazy-much done, AND he is having fun which in a way makes me happy too for his sake ❤

I never had goals before, except for the obvious goal of finishing up my teacher’s degree, and I felt fine just having fun, just moving forward having fun. I never thought about what I want to use my art for, I learned though from upper secondary school and during the extra 2 years of art studies how you can have exhibitions and sell your stuff. Hopefully I will be able to re-schedule the exhibition I was meant to have, it is kind of fun to plan and have an exhibition. It is a good end and start for a continuation in your art I think, at least I feel that way for my own form of art.

Since I have started think ending I have also started to think about continuation. I think I know in which direction I want to continue, I am not sure what goals lie ahead but I don’t mind, I am going to do something I think is fun, and combine with other things I think is fun.

This could really be an exciting year coming up.

Bild 2016-08-13 kl. 14.12




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Zelma is a flatcoated retriver, I have babysitted her for almost two weeks, tomorrow evening she willgo home to mom again who has been on vacation. I realize that I have been awfully silent the recent two weeks… But look at her you can’t do other than cuddle with the dog ALL THE TIME, that pretty face!!!

Here comes a few…

I have also been drawing a bit 🙂

As you can see lots of doodles 🙂


Finding that small crumb of motivation

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Am I the best to speak about finding your motivation?

No, probably not, I procrastinate quite often, more often than I want to or really want to admit. But what really get me on track again is thinking about how nice it would be to finish up pictures laying around, or just start doodling around…all of a sudden I am just into it and a few hours has gone by. At the same as I draw sometimes I have a film or something in the background as well.

Also, I somewhat find it inspirational to watch or read about motivation and procrastination, just to recognize it when I experience it, and through that see ways of avoiding especially procrastination.

One guy who has started to post short but motivating clips are Bobby Chu, you now the guy behind Schoolism:

In the video he go through a few steps to fight procrastination and find motivation in the morning. I thought I would list them below in a short version so you know what you would spend 10 minutes watching 😉

  1. Prepare you workspace the night before and why not start something you can continue in the morning.
  2. Punch laziness in the face…You are in charge of yourself prove it! Draw for at least 2 minutes and see where it ends up, Bobby means that you will probably sit for a few hours..and my own experience tells me he is right so, try it out.
  3. Go through your time schedule. Bobby does not mean your daily schedule, even though that could be an idea too, no, more like see to what you want to achieve throughout your life. How many films, or children books, or gallery shows can you achieve in one year? and how many will that be in a life time. I personally find this inspirational, but maybe a few might feel a bit panic.
  4. Don’t wait to start, just start. If you want to do something don’t wait, just throw yourself into it.
  5. Visualize your goal. What do you want to achieve? concentrate on end goal.


I can also recommend the book “The War of Art”, where you can read about the different procrastination types there is and how they work. I wonder where my ex are….I think I borrowed it to a friend…hm…I wonder which one….


Anywho, time to throw myself into finish up the last page of “Sleeping under the stars”, what will you be creating tonight? Do you have and good tips for motivating yourself when you feel at your lowest?