I Love You

We said ’I love you’ and hugged,

I remember your warm cheek.

I remember you trying to act as if nothing was going to happen,

even though your toes and fingers had gone cold.


I remember you always listening on the phone,

when I wanted to tell you something.

I remember good advice and suggestions,

whenever I had something on my mind.

I remember you teaching me how to paint,

and different ways of thinking.

I remember I always envied you,

you knew everything.


You were always sincere and happy for my sake,

you always pushed me to do my best.

You knew I would make it,

even though I sometimes were unsure myself.


We never had to tell each other ’I love you’,

but on this day we had to make sure it was said.

Even though we knew.


The call came in the morning,

I knew you would never take my calls again,

’cause it was mom telling me you could leave us any minute.

I knew we never had to tell each other ’I love you’,

but in that instant I felt it was good we did.


A short while after I arrived to your side,

you left us in one last breath.

We never had to say ’I love you’,

We already knew.


Linnéa Ahlberg©2017


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