Finished lampshade made in wire

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My wire lampshade is finished. And before I found a good lamp bulb for it it looked like this….



And, yepp this is a part of my livingroom (when it is clean)… This bulb was way to weak for the job and then I found another! and it spread massive patterns all over my livingroom. The picture below give you a hint but it is still no fair picture…. perhaps I should capture it on film(?)…


Press the picture above to be redirected to my portfolio and the fancy pictures of this lampshade in wire : )

I bought another lamp armature a while back perhaps I will make more lampshades ^^ try new materials maybe…. something to think about!





Wall painting 2 days

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The last two days I have been doing a wall painting in a very long corridor. This corridor is a home for teenagers, I can not begin to imagine what these kids have been through. The staff seems really caring and it seems like a a really good place to come to. The corridor was about 35 meters so everyone in my class got a piece of wall for themselves to make a painting on. The idea was to paint a frame with an art piece within it. And in the end it would be a corridor of permanent art. I finished mine today and here are pictures from my two days. It was so much fun!






And below is the finished piece. I will be uploading this wall painting to my portfolio with a few more photos and close ups later tonight. Here is a link to my PORTFOLIO.


The staff and the teenagers seemed to really appreciate my wall painting, and I feel really good about my work.