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Study-Face above

Progress below


And I am writing on another one of these small compendiums….

I have made a few of these small self-portraits before, perhaps I should put them all together….at some stage….




It’s hanging

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Well, it seems like it will work as a lampshade. The problem is to find a good lamp for it. At first I bought a lamp that gave really good light but at the same time it spread the light a bit to well. The pattern in the lampshade did not come forth at all with this lamp.

On my second try I put in a smaller lamp, it gave a warmer light and it turned out that some of the lampshade came forth, not enough though. I think the problem is that the wire is too thin to come forth as shades on the wall. Perhaps I need to make another try and see if I can change the outcome somehow : )



Time to breath out

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Update on my work with my applications.

I finished one of my art applications today, I will send it tomorrow. And next week I am going to relax and just paint. And then hell breaks loose again and another of the schools I am applying to makes their application tasks official. Back up on that horse again….I think. It all depends a little. I have so much I want to share, and I will when the time is right, probably within a month ❤


But now, a week to relax and paint ❤



An exchange of ideas between friends

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Tonight I have been sitting around a table with a few guys, they have been painting warhammer and modelling their own warhammer..warriors/troops, whatever… I have not played around with warhammer, I have been modelling a monster. I have had a few different ideas, but decided for this one.


I really want it to have green-yellow eyes when it is done, and they have to be shiny and all adoreable ❤


First I built a framework out if wire and tinfoil and then I decided to give Supersculpey another go.



And then one of my friends opens his mouth to give me some advice, and it was a brilliant advice! Check this out!


Ye, it got a belly-mouth! This will be awesome, and it was so good of him to point this out. Until next time I will give it some claws and bake it in the oven, because then I can start to paint it. So below you can see how far I have gotten.




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What if I could bring the woods to me? I can and I want to ❤

Yes there will be woods in my art-studio-corner, and it will be named Bob…. no…. Narnia…. no…..Home? It will be named when it is done, it is fun to name things. I know this really pretty girl..woman, who named her boobs Piff and Puff. Another friend have named her car Fille. And my island friend named her bunny Arnold. I can name my art-studio-corner to something fancy too ❤


Sparkly glitter all over

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The best thing about easter is that it means spring has come and winter gone. But, another fun thing about easter is candy eggs. But this year I take a stand, I will not have candy in mine, my stomach hurt so much so I better not. Instead I wish for really dark chocolate and nuts ^^

It is still fun to give away candy though, what better than making your own eggs to put the candy in. One of those times when you can crazy with sparkly glitter and everything. This means that in this written moment I have glitter all over my face since I cannot help but touch my face without thinking.




As you can see, work in progress. I will make two eggs, one for me and one for my fiancé…. I am a bit tempted to make a few small eggs from scratch for a few close friends. From scratch means making the eggs from nothing to something, I have what I need to make a few in papé mache.




I have rooted in my chair at my computer this evening! It was horrible, it was wonderful, it was disgusting, it was sweet, it was creepy, it was death, it was ANOTHER.

This is one of a few masterpieces I have seen when it comes to the anime genre. It is horrific and scary, yet so brilliant built. It does not end like you might think, even when you in the last episode think you got it, you don’t.

You can read more about it HERE.