Looking back on 2018

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Last year bore both endings and beginnigs. On the second half of the year I started to draw and paint more again. I started out working more digitally, which will probably continue during this year, my ipad is a good friend in this aspect 🙂

I went all in yoga, which helped with stress at work. I even found the motivation to do yoga at home, only for my own sake.

Before christmas I finished up a logotype for a friend who is starting up her own company:

Skälsten logga jpeg


Last year certainly contains many things, but looking back I think it took a really nice turn. I am happy, I am in good health, I have my lovely boyfriend ❤ I think 2019 can become a really nice year!





Digital work

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I have been working a bit digitally 💕 Below is one of my recent digital paintings.

I have been active on instagram and starting to be more active on my facebookpage as well.

Insta @imaginaryleia

Facebook @imaginaryleia https://m.facebook.com/imaginaryleia

If you want a sneak peek at what’s coming during the weekend, please feel free to check it out ☺️

/ Leia

Today and Tomorrow

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Today: Vacation!

I have worked with  a comission, which I even finished, part of in-progress-picture below. I want to take proper photos and everything before posting anything.


I choose a paper with a bit more structured surface and it turned out to realy be the best option when I started painting with the water colours ❤

I have also bought new coffee cups so right now I am only drinking coffee out of this lovely cup ❤


I went into town with a friend right before closing today, I needed a new backpack, and I have had my eyes on a special backpack for a while ❤


This is Fjällräven Rucksack no.21 Large Navy! ❤

This series has so many nice colours you shoudl really check it out at Fjällrävens homepage

And why have I bought a new backpack…well…


I mean…

I start planning for lessons and make plans for the kids…and everything around 😀 My fingers has been itching for a while now but I have made sure to be off teacher-duty! And just having vacation…

I also start working at a new workplace, yes small butterflies are fluttering around in my stomach ❤ (I need to make a picture of this before weeks end..right?!)


*Mentally prepping….going to go eat chocolate now….*

*I wonder what coffee cup Im going to bring to my new workplace?!?!*





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Right now I’m working on a few comissions. The results will be put up into the portfolio together with a few other tings I have sold through the years 🙂

Sometimes people get very surprised I do artistic work for others by request, but I do, so if someone would want something special, please just contact me.

All of my drawings and paintings are for sale as well, I might be kind of bad when it comes to advertising this but there it is. If you’re interested in works in my portfolio or why not a drawing/painitng through my blog, just let me know.



mail: linneaahlberg@live.se






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I’m trying out gouache again. Gouache is still a bit tricky…but…I really like the way the paint dries and the results you can get ❤ 

I probably made my drawing a bit conplicated, I could have made an easier one, but it was fun ❤ 

A friend of mine also tried it out, we agree with eachother….this will take a while to get the hang of 🙂 

Tomorrow I’ll continue working with it, I will have maaaaany bad paintings coming up 😉



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I have been exploring a bit with materials and combos of them recently….I really want to find a way with ink that works with how I want the end result to be… so I will just have to continue I guess 🙂

gekopplilla 1blomster

skiss 1

Even though the hand are a bit….messed up above I somehow like how it turned out, exploring details and shapes ❤