Ceramics ideas and plaster stamps

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I want to create with clay, though I don’t have any clay or oven, or the right facilities for that matter…but I have ideas and plans(!!)!








I will need to try to make better stamps, but well I got to start somewhere ^^

Now back to a painting, laters!



Painting session

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The university has been keeping me busy, but a while ago my boyfriend Stefan and I managed to steal some time to paint.


Remember how it looked BEFORE.


I altered the painting I worked on back in november, while Stefan put his painting away and started out on a new one, and no, he is not done with what he started. But I can tell you that he has many paintings standing on line to be finished ; )

Pictures time!














Adventure time in the studio

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A few clues to what I am doing this week at school, photography. The assignment is to snap five pictures with a certain theme, I will tell you more about it and show more photos I will be using in the end of the week. Why you might wonder, well, I will have friend who will be punching holes to my pictures in a meeting in the beginning of next week, and therefore I don’t want to spoil to much beforehand : )

More to come later then!





So, no spoiler o the theme or nothing! ; )

EDIT: Some pictures did not make to cut for the actual assignment but they were nice anyway, so here is the link to my portfolio and my photos, where you can view a few photos : )  MY PORTFOLIO


Week nine at the university

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IMG_1003sizeSIGN IMG_1003testmerge

For a while now I have been working on this public art-piece. My study-buddies and I would each do a proposition. I could not make up my mind of which place to choose, though I had an idea of what I wanted to do. Finally I found the best place, in the backyard of the apartment-building I live in. There is a day care for children in our backyard and I thought they could do with something more fun than that old stump. Now this is just a proposition, and since I did not get all pleased with my result I have not laid it out for those in charge yet. That was not something we had to do, but one of my study-buddies did that, I keep my fingers crossed that she get i through. And, I will redo my piece and turn in a proper proposition too 🙂

Anywho, here is the process of my work I did last week, I mean even though I did not like the result I can still show you what went wrong 😉

IMG_1005sizeSIGN IMG_1012sizeSIGN IMG_1020sizeSIGN IMG_1042sizeSIGN IMG_1044sizeSIGN

I began cutting in styrofoam and later I added platser to get some other surface. If I made this for real I think I would want to mould it in concrete or something. You know it has to stay sturdy for all the kids hanging around.

IMG_1053sizeSIGN IMG_1059sizeSIGN IMG_1068sizeSIGN IMG_1074sizeSIGN IMG_1003psd skulptur i miljösizeSIGN


This assignment is finished, but since I am not pleased I have to redo it to get some kind of closure 😉 My plan is to carve it our of plaster. The original size of the sculpture I made is around 60 cm high and when I redo it I will work on a smaller scale 🙂