Giving my mind some rest

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I want to make room for so many things and in periods different things take up more or less percent of my energy. Right now my work as a teacher is actually what I have on my mind, I am doing a few things this near future that I have never done before so I am a bit extra nervous about those. I will be grading my pupils, field-trip with a few kids for a whole day, I will be the supervisor for a class that will be doing the oral national tests in english and while everything new is happening I have to keep up with the daily stuff going on. I think all teachers are counting down with the students actually…. break for christmas in only 19 work days (no weekends included).

I am taking my time to relax. I have done a few things these past weeks since I tried out the oven at school, I think I even made a break-through in some ways…

But then again my mind wanders to the fact that I am selling my apartment and is partly…no…all in moving in with my boyfriend, in his apartment. Though that is just for a short while until we find something bigger. Well I have my mind in that too…

Back to doing what I want to do… and then my mind wanders again to work…and selling my apartment… it seems that I at the moment think of many things… things that do bring me joy but sometimes I just need to do absolutely nothing.

I will check in with a few photos of my creative work during the coming week, but the quality of the photos might not be the best.



Creative weekend

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Friday after making the deadline for an assignment I went over to my bearded man ❤

and then it just happened to be one of those creative weekends!







My boyfriend said in the beginning that perhaps I shouldn’t play around, but it felt nice to just keep a light grip of the brushes and promarkers and just let it move around aimlessly and see what it could become later. I used promarkers to sketch with and then I went in using the watercolour, and then the fine liners, and then perhaps the watercolour again 🙂

Reflection: It is really nice to share studio, drink coffee together and that stuff but I suppose it is nice to close the doors around you and just create in your own bubble without having people butting in on your work. Hear me right, it is nice exchanging thoughts though sometimes you just need to do your own stuff in your own way, and do I know my boyfriend right e agrees with me on that. Oh my god he would be irritated if I questioned him all the time while painting, sculpting, making molds, terrain, and so on *hihi*

We are not currently living together so in this writing moment I am at home in my own studio, but when autumn comes we will probably see if we might find a place we can share together ❤ So either we find a place big enough so we can share a huge studio (it need to be huge) or we come across an apartment with rooms enough for two studios, I suppose both solutions have its pros and cons.

The rest of day…I need to make work samples for a course I am applying to….I want to make a childrens’ book someday and I want to make both illustrations and text, so I better get better at my writing skills, so I am hoping to get accepted to a writing course specifically for writing childrens’ books 😉



Flying thoughts

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First. Even though my couch is starting to get really worn I still love it because it is so sturdy so I can put a cup of coffee on it without it falling over. Boobs works well too if you want to relax your mug of coffee somewhere close ^^


Second. So I have been thinking and came up with lots of ideas.

If I put my kitchen table (which is being used as a work space in the kitchen) in my small studio instead (still used as a work space), then I would get the excuse to get myself a new fine kitchen table whch would have no holes in it nor paint on it….besides since I will be renovating my kitchen a little to the fall then perhaps a new table would be quite nice….

I am also thinking about what…how I want to use my small studio here at home…. and how I should…can…manage allt his online… I mean I do have the blog, and will absolutely be here tomorrow too, but I need to think about the portfolio-section, though I have a few ideas there as well….

I have so many more ideas…. so I think I’ll just show you as it all comes along! Tomorrow I will be going to a market where local artists are selling their stuff and next week I am going to have a meeting with a childrens book illustrator… and and in between anything can happen… posted here *hihi*


Have a nice upcoming weekend!

Now time to prepare for work…one night and then two nights off! : )




Creative day

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Well haven’t I been laying off lately…? Well naaaah not really… I mentioned before that I am working nights at an elderly home and sleep all days long, but during my nights I have had a few moments to draw…

…these drawings have turned into paintings today! and a few is still in the progress : )

I had my friend Hobbe over for lunch and some creative~ness

IMG_9698 IMG_9699

We both chose watercolours, since we both like it and then we just put brush to paper!

Have have been working on this one….


And then Hobbe told me something clever…. “why not make something unexpected [colour-wise]” “like make the background red…” well I did not make a red background but I did a purple…but I think next time I’ll try red! : D

I have been really bad at taking photos from my day…soo no more process pictures…here is the result!


Feel free to give me comments on it, suggestions, and so on, hints I can take with me into future paintings with watercolour : )


My day continued in a cellar somewhere in the town I live with my lovely bearded man and a friend ^^





(Yes, a self-portrait above, how I look while going home from work all tired in the morning)

And a few still being worked on…




It is nice to be off work every once in a while to catch up ; )

Next week: A little trip to where winter is coming !





The start of a creative summer?

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A while back I made a few bowls from some clay my dad dug up in finland from the bottom of the sea shore. I had some left and made a few more, the same way as before. The clay will turn red when it has been burned, until then it will be blue and grey. This time I found my stamps too so I have been experimenting with them to make patterns.








In this last picture you can see one of the dried up ones, I still have not burned them, I need to find an oven, I think a friend of mine has one so, this project will probably take a while until it is all done. And until then I will just make sure my new dries up properly with not all to many cracks and then just be patient : )

The last couple of days it is as if I have just been catching up with my own lazy time, but in general I like having stuff to do, sooo…. time to get going with my creative summer ^__^ what are your projects for the summer? : )



The silent supportive two

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I say: I don’t know what to do, where to begin…I am not sure I can make more trees for the moment to be honest…

My boyfriend says:  I usually begin with a tree and then I add a rock and then I add another rock and so on, that usually works for me…

And so I add a tree into a picture with a few creatures…. and then another tree and then another creature…and as it comes along it becomes a picture…and then we are silent for a good while, continuing our work. And all of a sudden I have made more pictures with trees, and it feels good.



His or my place, we can sit in the same room being creative, being silent and drink coffee and every now and then break the silence for some advice or just being proud of our work, showing off ^___^

Stefan has been sculpting some really awesome stuff lately, miniature fluffy animals!!! And he is the best at making fur, it really looks like something small cute and fluffy, though I am not sure he agrees on the cute..since they are supposed to be fluffy and….I think it is time for my bearded, handsome, creative man to start his own blog and really show off his work! ^___^

I kind of just went loose on making stuff that weren’t supposed to become anything special….and then I accidently made some sort of story…












Two girls going on an adventure. Still wokring on the ‘Inside out’ storyline…. who knows where it will end up : )



A creative weekend

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Saturday my boyfriendand I decided to just be inside and just create stuff, it was nice. He skulpted his own warhammer 40k figures and I went on with the water colours. I made a sketch, one finished painting and a few experiments : )







Sunday I hanged around the so called lodge-people, another collective name could possibly be the-guys-who-do-warhammer-40k.including-my-boyfriend ^^ I managed to finish up the sketch I did the other day.





And above you can see how it turned out : )

I am pleased with some parts and some not that much but I suppose it is always a progress, right?! ; )


Creative evening

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I have been in school, in the real school, with kids. I have been standing all day long so it was just perfect sitting down with friends painting this evening, it suited me perfectly!








If you want to see more pictures by me you can check out my deviantart, or my portfolio.


Another day tomorrow in school but a short day.


It is a beginning

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Today I decided I wanted to write. I thought lets begin writing on my childrens story. And then I began. The thing is it went awesome when I tried to do some kind of storyline, and then when I started to write I kind of listen to some instrumental dark music and then my descriptions went balistic and I ended up writing about death, blood and sickness. As you can see, this might not be the best point of view if I want to write a childrens book. Then I wrote on my facebook:

“I am writing.

It is the story of the forgotten kingdom.

It is a start.

I want to give you the stabbing feeling in you chest, in your heart when you read this later, you shall feel the same anxiety my little star is feeling, Death who is always ready to knock on your door. I want you to shed a tear when you have read this and catch every day and care for your loved ones.

In this writing moment I build a whole world, and I am far from done. But it a beginning.”

What I really mean by writing this is offcourse that I want to move you as readers, I want to make you feel all the emotions. I got stuck anyhow, so I went for a run.

Now I am back safe in my home and I come to think of another story I have had in mind, which I have not been able to write because I have not found words for it yet, but perhaps I have something else. Perhaps I want to be able to write about all the things in the world, perhaps I cannot tie myself down to childrens books in this case. Perhaps I need to write freely. Though I really do want to illustrate and write my own childrens book too, but I think I have somehitng else in mind in that department.


As I wrote on facebook: It is a beginning.


A creative afternoon

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When the clock struck 3pm I hit over to a friend of mine, where we played with her kids and came up with good ideas and stuff like that. Thanks Sandra for a great afternoon and evening!






And then I started to think about my header here on my blog. I do like it but I want more colour, so I started to sketch and paint a first draft of it…..



I will probably try it at least once more before the final decision!

The other paintings I made today can be found in my portfolio under illustrations – colour : )

Quick link to my PORTFOLIO