The Sounds concert

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A few days ago I got asked if I wanted to see The sounds live, I said yes, and yesterday I went to se them with a friend, they were great live! So many youth memories…

The Sounds Music Dealers Contest Better Off Dead Cover

I really liked all the lights, they were so damn pretty, I want my own lights-show in my livingroom ^^


They played this awesome instrumental part I liked, I tried to film it but the high volume kind of messed of the sound in the video clip.. though here it is(remember to turn down your sound a little on you pc)

I’ll put up the other two, half-bad/half-good recordings too 😛

I really like their music, very catchy and very easy to move to ^^ There was some random(very drunk) man who talks really loud afterwards and as it seems he must have been close to the stage… something about having now underwear or socks….how the hell do you strip your underwear at a concert if you’re a guy? the creepy bit was that he had his jeans a bit hanging like the fashion is today…uuuuh……

well outside they have this really nice light display on abuilding I like….


And the last thing that evening….