“End of Autumn”

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“End of Autumn” SOLD

Acrylic on mdf board

Linnéa Ahlberg©2012


Exam next week: Pre-historic – 15th century

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Tuesday is the day of the exam…my livingroom last night:


Believe me, even worse today…



(Be back in end of next week)


Continuation of experiments

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The experiments continue, I think I’ll do two more or perhaps 3…in different materials…and then I need to continue with the actual storyline, my boyfriend helped me a great lot today over coffee ❤


It feels kind of good so far, have a nice week end ^___^




The silent supportive two

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I say: I don’t know what to do, where to begin…I am not sure I can make more trees for the moment to be honest…

My boyfriend says:  I usually begin with a tree and then I add a rock and then I add another rock and so on, that usually works for me…

And so I add a tree into a picture with a few creatures…. and then another tree and then another creature…and as it comes along it becomes a picture…and then we are silent for a good while, continuing our work. And all of a sudden I have made more pictures with trees, and it feels good.



His or my place, we can sit in the same room being creative, being silent and drink coffee and every now and then break the silence for some advice or just being proud of our work, showing off ^___^

Stefan has been sculpting some really awesome stuff lately, miniature fluffy animals!!! And he is the best at making fur, it really looks like something small cute and fluffy, though I am not sure he agrees on the cute..since they are supposed to be fluffy and dangerous..hm….I think it is time for my bearded, handsome, creative man to start his own blog and really show off his work! ^___^

I kind of just went loose on making stuff that weren’t supposed to become anything special….and then I accidently made some sort of story…












Two girls going on an adventure. Still wokring on the ‘Inside out’ storyline…. who knows where it will end up : )



The mystical bucket of clay

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You might go around wondering what “Stage:Ideas” was all about…?! Well I will keep a few secrets for now, but I promise this will be fun as hell!

Anywho some days you kind of feel the urge to just catch the day, today was one of those days. I knew I was going to talk about my small essay at 2pm, and since I knew I would get comments from the teacher I thought I will hold up my work for the time being. A friend came over and we just had coffee and spoke about life in general and where we will end up, as usual. After we decided I would help her with a few questions tomorrow morning at 7.30am we waved good bye and I took care of the mystical bucket of clay I got from my dad last year.

Last time my sister picked some clay at the summer house in Finland and gave it to me. I really worked this clay and I got some really nice results. So then my dad thought he would bring me some clay too and so I got this huge bucket, like 10 litre bucket and says that I can make something out of this, and that he would really like to have something made out of this clay, perhaps some middle large basin of some kind. Though what I think he forgot is that I do not really have the same opportunity as my last time working this clay since I at the time went to the art school, and now…I am working from home. Though nothing is impossible!!

Even though I didn’t have all the right tools I gave it a try, my primary goal is to get this clay as firm so that I can knead it properly.






At the art school we usually laid the clay on plaster to get out the water, but I used some wooden boards instead. Over the night I will pull something over this like a paper bag or something, it still needs to get drier before I can work it. And ye, by the way, this clay is taken from the bottom of a bay where the water is brackish. I am not sure whether this has an effect on the clay but anywho this clay turns red when you burn it : ) I think I need to buy some fine sand and knead it together, the clay is quite “fat”.

Now, early rising tomorrow, night!

(And yes dad , if you read this, you will get your basin, size(?), well we will se what I can do)


A thousand stars and butterflies

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It started here.


I have been playing around with water colour, I really like how the colours blend into eachother. A sweet friend commented on that by saying “Oh, very hippy”, well ye perhaps..but really no, nooo. More like it is easy to make me happy. I really like the small things, a feeling, a little something that makes me feel like I have butterflies in my tummy, or something. For instant, on saturday I will put my toes into the sand by a lake, happiness and bliss through and through ^^

Anyhow this small project grew, I started to make more of these and got the suggestion to put them all together to form a kind of installation.


All I could think about when I did these, one by one, was stars. Imagine the clear night sky with a thousands stars. In the end of the summer I will lie down watching the stars!



And above you have a few close ups, I think I probably should scan these to get the right feeling to the blending of colours, but this will do for now, perhaps I will put up a little something in my portfolio later on.


Well this was all for tonight, I have made a few drawings during the last couple of weeks too, but those really have to be scanned before I upload them, I tried to take photos of them but it looks like…. a dark place. I will probably put up a drawing or two during the weekend break.


Killing your darling

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Ok, you have all seen the two progress pictures I have uploaded. Here comes how far I have gotten today. Lets just say it was too pretty looking and just bored me to death so I change my mind a little.





This look far more interesting than the beginning and now I can see opportunities again ❤



End of week 46


This week is coming to an end. One of my teachers wanted to put up some pictures on the webbsite she manage for the school, to show of what we have been doing this week, and offcourse she finds me.

Above I’m doing a two-colour print with my photopolymer sheet. Below is two of the colour prints I have made today.

I have also done a screen print to print on textile.

I also added the text: Inside out. I’ll see if I can ask my finacé to take a photo with me wearing one of my shirts I have printed, the print looks awesome anyway.. I hope it looks just as good on.