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Study-Face above

Progress below


And I am writing on another one of these small compendiums….

I have made a few of these small self-portraits before, perhaps I should put them all together….at some stage….




Practising watercolour in the middle of the night

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Now I think it is best to go to bed, I still have some studies to deal with tomorrow, but I feel at ease within because I have been practising watercolour for a few hours now, so this is what my last white gap filled on my a4 paper ^^

I am really not the greatest at watercolour and I will keep saying that at least for a few months, but I do feel like I get it a bit more, little by little you know and in the end I hope it will come out great ^^

Good night, and hey it is only like a week left until christmas…!



For grandma (who don’t own a pc)

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I am working on this weeks project at the university, which continue next week as well. And even though my grandma don’t have a pc, this is somewhat for her. I am doing a short movie in which I have made a story based on my childhood, she is in it. So here is the three illustrative pictures used during the telling of the story. I’ll give you the story when the project is finished.




At first I thought I should just draw what I want to say with the pictures and then I found lots of other stuff to used so it turned into a collage. I have been going through my studio materials for a few days now so I have stuff all over : )



A week of painting – day 3

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And I had to just sit and stare at the painting for a few…hm I think it was as much as almost an hour, but it was needed…and the coffee was good too ^^





My boyfriend liked working with few colours, so he continued with that, it will be nice to see where this is going ^^








We are both working our ways through our ideas, this is the end of day 3. Tomorrow we are going on an adventure, which means we will be painting the whole night tomorrow instead of during the day ^^



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I have been working nights this summer so far and I still have a few to go. On the top of my wish list is a scanner so that I can upload my sketches properly. During some nights when the old people have been sleeping I have managed to do a few drawings(I work nights at an elderly home). I won’t show all of them, but below you can view two of them.


I have the habbit of making selfportraits of myself every now and then, here you can see the time as well 😉


And sometimes the pen is just moving creating something without thought, and suddenly it turns into someting that can perhaps be recognized.


More to come.

Take care !



A trivial chair…I want a good chair though…

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I am still really hyped over the fact that I actually have a place to work with my art. Today I went there to try to make some order, but it is hard with no book shelf, so tomorrow I am hunting for one in a few thrift shops. I will also be looking for a comfortable chair which I can sit in for hours without getting any aches in my lower back. I wonder if I can claim the chair I use in school, probably not, it is a great chair though….


Enough about chairs. Above you can see a few birds, they was born last term and will be finished… in the future, and until that day I made hooks they can hang from ❤


Time to relax

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IMG_4641a little black holeSIGN2

I have a few stress related symptoms, which is starting to show…with a few more popping up. The stress is born from my inability to relax from work, in this case my 12-week project in school. I have made a few decisions to make it easier to relax and the bottom line is: Back to my original plan. Perhaps it sounds a bit cryptical… I am allowed to be a little cryptical, it will be clearer later on.