Practising gouache skills

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I have actually been in my art studio all day long…so far… practising my gouache skills!

I made three squares earlier today which I just drew something into, and then I added things as I went on painting.


I was a bit sceptical to the pink-purple in the grass but…it kind of worked out well. The flowers was supereasy to scan and get a good digital copy of:

flower gouache

No tonal corrections at all… but the cup was a bit harder, even though I treied correcting it to the original painting the red just pops out a bit to much, so have that in mind 😛

mug greenery

I figured a few things out while working, I think what I really want to get a hang of is the habit of how to mix the colours depending on if you need a light dried colour or a dark colour…since the colurs change from wet to dry ….

At it later again perhaps… but I know I have a very nice package to get from the post office ❤ soooo perhaps other things will pop up later 😉




Outdoor cinema

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The Flimmer Festival is a summer festival in my town where you watch movies at sundown in the towns parks, tonight they’re showing “Fantastic beasts and where to find them” 😀

I have loose plans to go ❤

Sketch that will be painted later. My bearded man is coming home soon, time to surprise him with coffee ❤



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I got my package today with materials from, right on time before my trip next week ❤ the illustration course up in Leksand !!!

Made a few drawings today using my materials, I am though saving the new sketchbook and illustrationboard 😉

If you want instant updates please check out my instagram @imaginaryleia 



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Yesterday I laid down to get tattoed, I partly covered up my totoro-tattoo, and made an extension of it 🙂 

In the beginning of the summer I did the blueberries and the bumble-bee. For now I will let the back be from anymore tattoes, let me tell you, it hurt like hell so that is a reason too. But as soon as I know my schedule for the coming year I will book an appointment to get bunnies and strawberries on my arm ❤

This is me checking in, I’ll be back with some more creative stuff as it comes along 🙂


Soon finished

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Link to previous work on the painting LINK

I have had quite some balanced weekend, feels good considering those stress-related stuff I have had in my backpack…I have been creative with my handsome boyfriend and I am glad to say I am almost finished with the painting I have been working on!

In the link above you can see where I ended it last time and yesterday I came this far…


And when I took a break for dinner this evening I had come this far…

IMG_8223SIGNsizefix IMG_8225fixsizeSIGN

Sorry for the bad pictures, my phone does not have the best camera in it(!!). Anywho I think what’s left is some more accented colour in the flowers above and also…. I see now that the light on the girl in blue dress are quite fucked up, I guess my head must have wandered to some other place…or I just did what I thought felt good… better do somehting about it or else I’ll just end up being annoyed. It’s time to finish it up otherwise I’ll just mess it all up!


EDIT/UPDATE: Link to finished piece