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Saturday I was out in the countryside with friends, barbiequeing (yepp barbie- sounds more fun) and drawing, I even took my first swim this year in a near by lake ❤

Before we left home my bearded man prepped our food.

My friend Sandra and I managed to convince my lovely man to drive us to the lake, luckily he decided to swim too!

When we got back I had the perfect scenery in my head, us two ladies being real cowards going in the freezing water…

Magasinet where we were is a piece of old building with that old smell and wood and dust, but lovely arranged with light and table and couches, perfect to gather for bigger events. And to the fall, an exhibition with friends ❤

Above is a goofy picture of me and Sandras scientist husband ☀

By the way…..

Today starts summer vacation!!!



Having fun

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I have always done what I think is fun, or challenging and fun at the same time.  The main idea has and is to have fun.

I took extra classes in art in obligatory school, I moved on to study art at upper secondary school and I moved on to become an art teacher. Friends was wondering if I shouldn’t pick extra music with them instead of being the only one from our class to take art, but nope I did what I thought was fun. Friends was wondering why I was only applying to art programmes for the upper secondary school, in my mind I thought that: “Why would I choose something else when this is fun?!”. No friends questioned my choice to become an art teacher though, rather they cheered for me and thought it would fit very well.

I have always done things I think is fun and just gone with the flow somewhat. My point is that in my mind I have come a bit off track on the fun-thing. I have started to see it more as necessities to learn certain things and trying to scribble down goals to achieve, but it is hard to scribble down goals when I have somewhat already achieved a huge goal: to finish up my teacher’s degree. I mean I want to work as a teacher too so to make time for a new huge goal is not really ideal. I am a bit jealous of my bearded man who has all these small goals all the time, he gets crazy-much done, AND he is having fun which in a way makes me happy too for his sake ❤

I never had goals before, except for the obvious goal of finishing up my teacher’s degree, and I felt fine just having fun, just moving forward having fun. I never thought about what I want to use my art for, I learned though from upper secondary school and during the extra 2 years of art studies how you can have exhibitions and sell your stuff. Hopefully I will be able to re-schedule the exhibition I was meant to have, it is kind of fun to plan and have an exhibition. It is a good end and start for a continuation in your art I think, at least I feel that way for my own form of art.

Since I have started think ending I have also started to think about continuation. I think I know in which direction I want to continue, I am not sure what goals lie ahead but I don’t mind, I am going to do something I think is fun, and combine with other things I think is fun.

This could really be an exciting year coming up.

Bild 2016-08-13 kl. 14.12




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I have seen that there is a DIY online, to dipp cups in water which you have dripped nail polish in. Last time my partner and I went to Ikea we bought one white cup each, and the other day when my youngest sister tyrned 19 years old I got to borrow nail polish. And today my bearded man and I went at it to try!!

We noticed that you need cold water for this experiment, not hot, remember that if you are thinking about testing this. The nail polish did not float out in the warm water.

Some nail polish will stick to the bottom of your container.

And from here you are suppose to just dipp your cup….and we did. The thing is that it really is like a thin layer on the water surface, which will dry, so to next time we will not wait as long as we did, and we thought we were fast but nope, the nail polish dries and you will get “wrinkles”, be quick, and dipp one more time when it all dries up instead –> tip on the way 😉

I dipped twice, but did not wait for it to dry, which means I got small bubbles of water when a new thin layer of nail polish stuck to the cup.

On the left is my partner’s cup and on the right is mine. 

Don’t be scared to try it out, it was fun 🙂

And now I have nail polish on my hands…but not where it is supposed to be, on my nails 😉


1 day left

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Wow energy levels on a peak!

This was the day when the kids were having pottering-day, with different stations for them to go around to. I was in charge with two colleagues of the paper-pottering station. We gave out gingerbread and went through all kinds of different projekts they could make, while showing them how to do it I made my own stuff at the same time so you could say I have had the best day ever. The kids have been making toffee caramels in the stations and they are so sweet to give the teachers some, I also snuck into one of my colleagues who was in charge of toffee-making, she had a plate of free caramels ❤ I took…a few…

We also had coffee and the traditional set christmas lunch at the school.

Such a fun day!

And when the day was over for the kids all of the teachers cleaned off their stations and headed to the coffee break room….every thursday we have coffee with sandwiches and sweets, as if we hadn’t had enough, down it went 😀

And before signing the grade certificates I got the special teacher group together, we are planning for something fun to do on stage tomorrow at the yearly christmas show. No sneak peaks but perhaps it will be filmed who knows 😉

No pictures today.




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I have been planning a surprise for my boyfriend this last week, he got small clues this morning while we still were to lazy to get up out of the bed. Though he still did not know the exact place we were going. All of a sudden he asks if we can make a tour to the tropicarium, a quick google on the opening hours, viola! We decided to go there, it was a bit further from the place I had planned on going so this would be perfect!! 

I took him to the ravine of Getå, not far from the city ❤


Before we went here I had bought sketch pads, made coffe and sandwiches ❤

The drawing above is made by my boyfriend Stefan ❤

When we got back to the car we continued our adventure!


We also got souveniers. I bought a pretty bracelet and Stefan found new incenses 🙂

We are back safe and sound…my fingers itch to paint 😉



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It is just like christmas when you get that small note on your phone saying you can go get your package, it does not matter if you know what you ordered.


I got a new bigger plastic holder for my water colours, two sketch pads, colored pencils (those woodless ones) and two different sizes of rubber nibbed brushes. Hopefully the rubber nibs will work perfectly when I work with sculpting in my ceramic works 🙂

I got invited to join in on an evening of drawing at a friend on thursday, so I see that as my chance to try out my new stuff. I will also try out that other water colour cake I found at school the other day.

Soon time to crawl to bed, into my cave built from pillows, blankets and covers, but first attempting to be a grown-up and pay my bills!


Spray-painting in the harbour

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Today I have been down to the harbour, in the town where I live we have so called legal walls for spray-painting. And I was there for exactly that reason ^^


I was there with two friends, and we went about looking for the right spot, we did not want to ruin  a good painting. After a while we found a spot where the paint had started to fall off, we wouldn’t ruin anyone else’s painting at least : )It was sunny a bit windy, but wow it was really nice to be outside, and then all of a sudden one of my friends open three cold beers…yepp…this is a good day ❤

It will probably be easy to figure out what is what and what I have made so…here it goes…
















For the record… this is not easy! This will take lots of practise!


Stage: Process

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Former stages

And now comes some real process pictures, in the end of this post you can see a few almost finished paintings, though those are not the final pictures of my wallpainting.

My client knew what she wanted and I made it happen, easily as that. She wanted trees and she wanted cherry-like flowers in it : )

Before starting out I had a few thoughts about how I would start out my trees, how would I sketch it up properly? should I sketch it up? In the end I did no such thing as sketching anything up with a pencil or anything. The thing about graphite is that it smudges easily and since my client’s walls is white it would look really nasty if it smudged. And charcoal…well it smudges too easily. So below you can see my solution to my thoughts of a sketch. I used masking tape to get my idea on the wall! It worked perfectly, I could move them around and ye this was a nice way of working.



And then I started to paint it all…




Below you see the first afternoon I worked with this, and below follows the three additional days it took to finish it.












This have been really fun to make! I have been working in odd positions and I have been climbing and drunk coffee and worked long day but all in all it was all worth it. And the best part is that my client is really happy about the result and her co-workers too, that warms my heart the most!

I will upload the final resut in the coming days, but if you want to see it for yourself you can swing by my client for coffee and something sweet. My client was Lotta’s konditori och bageri (in eng: Lotta’s patisserie and bakery). Directions and photos from their coffee place can be found on their facebook page, HERE. Below are pictures from their outpost.



Have a nice day!





Shrove Tuesday with pearls

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And I also heard it was the day of the pancakes but I stuck to the cream buns, in swedish you say ‘semla’ I not sure of the perfect translation to english but I had two today ^^

I also happened to drop by to make pearl plates!








And the funny thing was…. before I met up with my boyfriend and some friends we thought that we would split kind of equally, he bought three and I bought two. Now we had five, we knew we would be at least five and we didn’t know if anyone else would bring any. And when we get there our friend from the north comes later, with additionally six cream buns. And then another friend turns up, and she has brought ten cream buns. As it happened we were more than five so we kind of got rid of it though everyone had to eat like two each at least! In the end anyway we had TWENTYONE cream buns ! ! !


Now back to my studies for a few more hours and then bed and up early(in my opinion) to continue study. And everyone going up earlier than in the morning, you are actually rising in the late night ; )



Illustration job

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I got an illustration job last week, kind of a rush job, that was supposed to finished last night. A friend asked me if I could illustrate a text she had written for an association that do live role playing. So here they are! ^____^



If I remember right it was a fantasy medieval time where peace had come,or…?