Sketch day

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Just been chillin out low on energy, BUT still drawing and doodling 🙂 

Below are a few pages/drawings from my sketchbook today.

Time for bed!




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I have been feeling very tired the last couple of days, slight headaches and the last couple of weeks I havn’t been able to live without allergy pills and nose spray specifically for allergy. I did a few hours in the art studio with my partner this evening while watching a film, I just drew how I felt.

But then something happened, a small spark in my mind or a small break through….perhaps….maybe…to tired to fullt act on my inspiration right away I wrote down my ideas, and just let it rest until tomorrow when time is on my hands ❤

Perhaps I quit tonight before it all went to hell 😉

Nope, time to try to sleep, blogging from a dark bedroom with my sleeping bearded man next to me, his silent snores and even breath will help me sleep ❤ 


Outdoor cinema

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The Flimmer Festival is a summer festival in my town where you watch movies at sundown in the towns parks, tonight they’re showing “Fantastic beasts and where to find them” 😀

I have loose plans to go ❤

Sketch that will be painted later. My bearded man is coming home soon, time to surprise him with coffee ❤



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I got my package today with materials from, right on time before my trip next week ❤ the illustration course up in Leksand !!!

Made a few drawings today using my materials, I am though saving the new sketchbook and illustrationboard 😉

If you want instant updates please check out my instagram @imaginaryleia 


Final version

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Today we continued! 

Below are the final version of my dads first painting and his selfportrait:

I am not all finished actually, I need the paint ti dry so that I can cover up a few more areas without worry about smudges 🙂

Above is where I decided to stop for it to dry 🙂

We decided to make one more, though it was clear that our entusiasm had started to falter perhaps a bit…



And yet again I didn’t finish 😛 

This was a very fun and relaxing weekend ❤ 


Still home

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I am still home, but I think I am getting better, it feels easier in my body. A good co-worker pointed out yesterday that I will do no good being sick at work and that it won’t help me if I stress about getting better just to get back to work. Telling my dear boyfriend about this advice I had got made him sigh and shake his head, he said that THAT was what he had tried to tell me for several days…that’s me in a nutshell I suppose *hihi*

Well as people have pointed out not much I can do about work from home so I will sketch today and try to relax and then hopefully be back on my feet soon.

I wonder if Stefan is willing to make some more coffee before he is off to work..?! ❤


Still sick

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Perhaps I feel a tiny bit better, though my nose is still clogged and my throat sore…

Today at school we were going to have a sports-day, I was supposed to be at the stables all day long…but noooope, no patting horses for me… Tomorrow is ordinary school day again and I have ceramics in two classes, no way I’m missing out on that!! ❤

Over and out for now!


Pinerest; A source of inspiration

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-What’s the point of Pinterest?
-Well my beloved, I like it because it works like a huge source of inspiration to me on so many levels….

If you want to check out what I mean?

Imaginarylea on Pinterest

Press the link above and you will be redirected to my pinterest and my different boards of pictures. What all of the pictures have is something that moved me, it can be shape, colour, idea, technique, motive, feeling….and so on, something that inspire me….

The small convo came from my beloved who walked into the room and asked me if I was bloging just minutes ago…I said; Nope, I am checking out pinterest 😉


If you have pinterest, feel free to give me your profile-link ^^

Have a nice continuation of christmas and stuff !

Camden town

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A small sleep in and a long walk around camden town with all its markets today!




Now, I did want the scarf above, but we had just got to camden and I wanted to look around, I ended up buying like 2 other scarfs but I somewhat regret not remembering this jewel and buying this one too ^^ I like scarfs and scawls! More pictures of what I got will come when I get home 🙂

We also found these delicious donuts, I usually don’t like them but this was really nice!!
Time to go to the airport in a few hours…



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Arriving at Stansted airport and having to wait for the bus meant having our first cup of coffee in twelve hours !! But it felt nice to be back, like coming home 🙂
Yesterday was mostly just one day of travelling, and having to wait in lines on and off all evening meant being a bit bored, well that is easily fixed by hugs and kisses *hihi* The holiday has started^^
When we got to the hostel a friend of mine was working and the warm welcome with hugs and small talk just made me feel even more like I had come home.
This morning, I am laying in the same room as last time I was here, my boyfriend Stefan below me in the bedbunker. I can hear trains going past, in and out from waterloo-station, and ambulances every now and then going to the close by hospital, the morning traffic…..I should probably get more sleep, but I think I’ll manage.
Soon breakfast, and then we’ll see what adventures the day may bring.

It’s nice to be home ❤