15 minutes

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My bearded man got the idea to make the time for 15 minutes of creativity after new years. I will probably not join him every day but as he says as well, you do have 15 minutes a day to put your mind into something, and now I have been at for a hundred minutes or so. My intention is still to make time as I pease and then be pleased with my effort, that way I can’t give myself bad concious, because since when should you about something you like doing, just saying!

I practised my digital skills today, somehow I feel better than I was when I was like seventeen, even though I haven’t really practised the digital painting and that πŸ™‚

First I did this very stiff drawing where I just felt like I was sitting weird, holding the pen weird and everything… but then I just took another paper and just went at it, loose in hand and just…

trΓ€ning faces

This was not really made to make something out of it, more like just loosen up.

And then this came out of it…


I have soooo much more to learn, today I noticed the pros of the buttons on my wacom, imagine the bliss *haha*

Maybe my 15 minutes should be some digital painting ❀ I feels like a good idea right now πŸ™‚




Art studio time

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Yesterday I just picked up a brush I have had laying aorund for a while, but I haven’t dared using it because it is very soft and sooo nice…but I did it yesterday, I used it!




It is a brush with badger hair, I can’t remember which medium it was supposed to be used to buuuut I used it with oil colours and it worked perfectly!!

I continued working on a comission and then moved on to one of my own projects I started with ages ago.


Sorry for bad photos, but when the oils aren’t dried it is really hard to take a fair photo of it all. I think I’m coming back to oils actually, I like the fact that when I mix the colours I want they don’t dry like acrylics, though acrylics is really nice to use to base the canvas. I had another canvas standing around with a finished base and I started another painting with acrylics. I am thinking about using oils on the final layers, just to experiment πŸ™‚


I am not really sure where this acrylic one is going but I guess I will find out soon enough.



Practise my wacom skills

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I really like my painting sofware, I use the Clip Studio Paint ❀

I just hit it tonight and went ahead with no sketch and a green surface and pretended it was a painting, like I usually do when I paint with acrylics or oil paint πŸ™‚ I think I like this way of working so I will probably try out this a few more times during my winter break that is coming up.


I realise when looking at it now that I probably could have worked a bit more with the contrasts πŸ˜› I will have to go back checking it out tomorrow again and see what I think. I did this kind of fast, I think I used like just above an hour to do it, so time-wise I think it is going better and better πŸ™‚


Have a nice weekend ❀



Collecting good feelings


My weekend started off with some after-work, during this pleasant treat I found my new fave red wine! *Thumbs up* The bad thing, it will be quite an effort to get hold of it for my own shelfs.

On saturday I saved my little sister, she had done something weird with her glue gun soooo I bought a new one for her and delivered it, I was happy because I got coffee ❀

The evening continued with a very nice datenight out and about with my bearded man ❀ we know this really good place just around the corner form where we live ❀

And besides visiting mom today I have been quite bored. I guess it is good to be bored sometimes…or something…so instead bugging my friends over texts I just went ahead drawing…which got me to inking and painting and actually doing a piece feel quite good about ❀


This might even get into my portfolio later on πŸ™‚


A gift


Yesterday when a friend came over she brought a gift for me ❀


I am in love ❀ Out of all brush pens I have tried so far this i the best one, AND I can refill it! It’s the Zig Kuretake Brush pen ❀

I had a drawing laying aorund so I tried it out and hten I washed some FW acrylic inks over since it was an underwater drawing πŸ™‚


This was my first try with this brush pen sooo more to come later on, I did a few more small drawings later last night and those felt a bit more controlled with the lines and all ❀






I did it! I pushed throught he whole of inktober! ❀

I am already thinking of next year, I am going to make my own list or keep to a theme πŸ™‚

I was brainstorming with a friend yesterday what could be the next thing..and I have been thinking about my problem with hands…. and she was like HANDSEMBER…

That could be a thing ❀





Practise makes perfect sense

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I am all into practising my hands, I actually found a way I think will work good for me to get the hang of the parts of the hands πŸ™‚

New canvas (2)

No shadows and that stuff yet just want to get the hang of shape πŸ™‚ I like the way of thinking and using the curved lines to split the fingers into different parts. I have made a few 20 something small practise drawings today thinking like above and there will probably be a few more tonight. Sometimes…..I think I am just very lazy, I just want to get it finished quicker than my brain is following and then it gets all crap.. I think I have to slow my brain down and let it take the time it takes!

Above is just a digital drawing, there was some time ago I used my wacom sooo perhaps there will be more digital drawings πŸ™‚