Finished painting


I finished this piece which I started during the week 🙂




Soon finished

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Link to previous work on the painting LINK

I have had quite some balanced weekend, feels good considering those stress-related stuff I have had in my backpack…I have been creative with my handsome boyfriend and I am glad to say I am almost finished with the painting I have been working on!

In the link above you can see where I ended it last time and yesterday I came this far…


And when I took a break for dinner this evening I had come this far…

IMG_8223SIGNsizefix IMG_8225fixsizeSIGN

Sorry for the bad pictures, my phone does not have the best camera in it(!!). Anywho I think what’s left is some more accented colour in the flowers above and also…. I see now that the light on the girl in blue dress are quite fucked up, I guess my head must have wandered to some other place…or I just did what I thought felt good… better do somehting about it or else I’ll just end up being annoyed. It’s time to finish it up otherwise I’ll just mess it all up!


EDIT/UPDATE: Link to finished piece


Flying thoughts

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First. Even though my couch is starting to get really worn I still love it because it is so sturdy so I can put a cup of coffee on it without it falling over. Boobs works well too if you want to relax your mug of coffee somewhere close ^^


Second. So I have been thinking and came up with lots of ideas.

If I put my kitchen table (which is being used as a work space in the kitchen) in my small studio instead (still used as a work space), then I would get the excuse to get myself a new fine kitchen table whch would have no holes in it nor paint on it….besides since I will be renovating my kitchen a little to the fall then perhaps a new table would be quite nice….

I am also thinking about what…how I want to use my small studio here at home…. and how I should…can…manage allt his online… I mean I do have the blog, and will absolutely be here tomorrow too, but I need to think about the portfolio-section, though I have a few ideas there as well….

I have so many more ideas…. so I think I’ll just show you as it all comes along! Tomorrow I will be going to a market where local artists are selling their stuff and next week I am going to have a meeting with a childrens book illustrator… and and in between anything can happen… posted here *hihi*


Have a nice upcoming weekend!

Now time to prepare for work…one night and then two nights off! : )




The trivial pursuit of a chair

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I would never think my best friend would lie to me, but then all of a sudden she tells me that one of our teachers had told her I would get to take home my chair from school when we quit school. I mean I even had to go to the principal to ask, she did not know how to handle it though so she had to take it to the board meeting. I wanted to believe Sophie but I had to hear it from the teacher since it was a matter between us.



This trivial chair, a nobody is mine! MINE!!!!

Ye, and above you can see my corner of workspace in school.

Mine. Mine. Mine!!


Four women and an art studio taking shape

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This week will be about many things, and one of them is the art studio I’ll be sharing with three more women. All the paperwork is done, we each have a key and today we had our first meeting together in our art studio. We ate pastries, collected the first wine bottle and had a few laughs.

After discusing how we would do this we decided that for the time being just split the room in four and then when we all move in see how it works out. It is easier to see when everything is in place how the space can be used most effective.


I have a plan forming in my head how I will use the space I have been given, I have even started to sketch and make a list. One thing we really agree on, we need carpets! Cold and dusty cellar floor. When we start putting in carpets and fabrics the echoes will probably be less as well.

Wish us good luck!


Friends make you feel good

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Every now and then you have to relax with your best friends. Yesterday we watched Star Wars. Everyone was on to the idea to see them, the trouble was to decide in which order. Would we see them from 1-6 or 4-6 and 1-3 or would we see the machete order 4-5-2-3-6. My fiancé told everyone why we should see the machete; if you see 4 and 5 you get the beginning without spoilers, and then you see 2 and 3 to get Darth Vaders background to then see episode 6 and get conclusion, Machete is was. Normally you have seen them  a bit now and then and hacked up, now when I have seen them all together I can honestly say the I loved the episodes 4-6 best.

Pizza for dinner, pizza for breakfast. Today I am ready to work with my project work after a few days of rest. I love meeting up with my friends and hang out with my fiancé, they are the best ❤