Outdoor cinema 2

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Work in progress 🙂

Time to take a paus! I want to go climbing and then I’ll be back to work contrasts a bit more 😉



Outdoor cinema

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The Flimmer Festival is a summer festival in my town where you watch movies at sundown in the towns parks, tonight they’re showing “Fantastic beasts and where to find them” 😀

I have loose plans to go ❤

Sketch that will be painted later. My bearded man is coming home soon, time to surprise him with coffee ❤


Good feeling in my heart

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Today has been a tough day at work, throat ache and coughing alot! But at the same time it felt good being back!

When I got home I met up a friend who joined me at the drawing session with Urban Sketchers Norrköping.

I felt inspired by my friends at the Urban Sketchers and even though I didn’t draw very effectively today, I still felt like they gave me energy, and that feels so good! I have the feeling I want to draw more this evening. I love the drawings Dani made, like these nature inspired figurines. I love the drawings Alex made, getting good perspective on hands and the placing of eyes. I loved to see the drawing Joel and Edin made at the air craft museum a few days ago. 

I got do many ideas today, thoughts on collaborations, continue writing my childrens book, wanting to post things on my deviantart page.

All just scribbles today, but it felt good, in good company ❤️


Yesterday tattoo-day

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I went to the studio yesterday to get another tattoo 🙂

I wanted a bunny and strawberries. A bunny and the look it has because it looks like it heard something and just stands still to listen, to in a moment decide what to do, love it. And strawberries…because they are crazy-yummy offcourse, love strawberries ❤️

I decided to have it on my forearm to fill up space next to my rose 🙂

And the finished piece

Inspiration was from old strawberry posters online and the bunny is inspiration from Heather Gross drawings 🙂

Now I just need to take care of it and I’ll be back in a few weeks so that the tatto artist can check it.

Tattoo studio: Lucky7 Norrköping

Tattoo artist: Wille


Urban Sketchers 2016-11-26

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We went to the Art Museum of Norrköping on sunday to draw. I normally get like 15 drawings down in a two hours drawing session…hear me when I say I made…..4!!!

Next session is at a local café on wednesday ❤️

It feels good trying to work my drawings a bit more than I usually do 🙂


Fruit salad

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Last week I had a lecture about school, off course I can’t help but draw at the same time as I listen and take notes, so here is a (some doodles) drawing from the lecture.


Also on thursday last week it was a drawing session with Urban sketchers. I did this really hard decoration that was standing on the table.


All of a sudden one of the workers on the café ask me and my company if we would like a cappuccino they accidentally had made, well yes, off course!!14925381_10154530345791285_7237448602394967830_n

So from here I drew the mug, but that was not easy, the cup was really smooth so there was no sharp lines breaking the shape, I did a few sketches that got….weird…

And then on friday I think it was I drew from references on pinterest, just quick sketches, but one I felt kind of good about.


Well it ain’t perfect but I liked the reference picture, it had a good feeling around it 🙂

Tomorrow it is work again, which means probably a few drawings in the evening to relax my mind!


Urban sketchers

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I joined a group the other day, a sketch group!! They meet up to sketch from real life, join up for coffee and talk about their sketches. This is super awesome!

I joined their session today, it was a two hour drawing session at a local museum.

It was different exhibitions, one was about folk art in wood, their more permanent ones is the one about the textile industry that has deep history in my town 🙂

Afterwards we went to a café where I had an awesome piece of caramel cheesecake, and an overprized coffee. We talked and showed eachother what we had drawn and gave hints and critics 🙂

It feels great to have stumble upon a group of my taste ❤