Yesterday’s projects

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Yesterday I cleaned my art studio, I have this habit of stacking stuff on my desk…and then in the end I sit with my sketchbook in my hands and don’t use my desk to other than storage. BAckstory!!! I found these AWESOME storage units, like small drawers in metal.

I was at the recycle station, the big one in town, and was just about to go past an middle aged man and a guy in my age, they were offcourse throwing stuff away from their car. I looked once, I was just about to move past hem when my legs turned on their own and from my mouth I hear myself asking if I can get the two drawers. They looked very surprised that anyone would confront them. Thing is that if you have thrown your stuff you may NOT take stuff because it is then owned by the municipality, BUT loop hole!!! if you ask BEFORe they throw it it is still the original owners and they can give it away. Very pleased I carried these two drawers to my car, they were heavy like…..daaaamn! but as you can se it worked really well in the studio to put away stuff but still have it conveniently close ❤

Yesterday I also engaged in a oil painting that has been standing in its easel!


Since I was going to have  an “artnest” of friends coming over I put away the easel and went on painting where I last left off. When I was finished, not finished finished, but it was so wet it has to dry before continuing, I was here:


Sorry for bad pictures, I have just taken the pictures from my instagram @imaginaryleia 🙂 Wanna get a little quicker updates of my art and other weird things I’m up to don’t hesitate to follow me on instagram 😀 ❤

When the Artnest kicked off I drew and also went ahead laying out a base for a new oilpainting, but since the colours are quite awesome, I will try to remember to snap photos/upload tomorrow, and you’ll see the awesomeness about it 😉

But the drawing on the other hand turned into a painting and I finished it.


Thought it was a bit funny to try to create some excitement in a painting 🙂 I guess I will bring that with me for future paintings as a mental note for myself 😉




I want to continue

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With a new year comes the thoughts of what I have been doing the last year and off course the thoughts of what I would like to accomplish the coming year.

I want to start my new year like this, with a few days left on this year. I want to write what I want and where I want to start.

I have a tale to tell, and it has somewhat been hard to continue. It has never been hard to start, I have started many times. This time around I want to continue. I have always cherished my relationship with my grandma (on my mother’s side) and we have shared many moments together throughout my childhood and my grown up life. Then she passed away. It has been 1, 5 years since, and I still think I sometimes can call her to tell me about my day. Even though I can’t tell her about my day I can remember our good days. Wow, she taught me many things…

Now I think it is time to continue. I want to write my first children’s book about the relationship between a girl and her grandmother. To be correct, I want to write AND illustrate the book myself. This job might not be done through only one year, counting I will be working as a teacher as well, but I want to continue.

I have been looking through old material and a few newer pieces that are related to this project. I have been hooked to pinterest for inspiration about how to write and tips. Now it may sound like I have never written anything, hey, I am writing now. But it feels good to pick up tips along the way to develop my way of thinking about writing and stuff related.

Many thoughts are going through my mind about where to continue my project, the pieces will probably fall into place. Right now I want to start to actually write, and make an effort to give myself a first outline.

I have this great space at home next to the art studio where my bearded man and I have a small study where we have our own armchair in one corner each. I think this will be a good spot to write. But I have also always loved the loneliness about sitting in a crowded café ❤ I will find the time and space for my writing and my drawings, and in a way the two might even push each other to be better than they are today.

Time to dive into memory lane and my ideas to see how I best can tell the tale of Ophelia and her beloved grandma. More updates of my project “Ophelia” will come approximately once a month ❤

An early happy new year!


Chill evening

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I helped out a friend with the right handwriting for a project of his. It sure was a while ago since I actually seriously wrote with finer maner. Two of three of my own given names below 🙂

I also tried out my muscle memory of Ophelia.

Yey she is still with me ❤ perhaps she will reappear soon, I hope so!

And another doodle.

I was thinking I was going to do many things tonight but I ended up in the studio and it feels nice and relaxing, it feels good. If it feels good it must have been the right Decision! 🙂


To put pen to paper

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Here you can see my experiment with different materials, in my last post I showed you all a process picture so I thought I would be nice and show you how it turned out. I have also let a few quick sketches slip out from my mind.



I have also started with the first illustration to my childrens’ book, and for now I will let it rest and keep on going and then perhaps go back to it : ) and below you can see a part of a bigger piece.


So this is just a part of a larger picture. Today I was supposed to paint all day long, but I kind of put large pressure on myself and then it I can’t do anything, I want it to be good right away and then I just don’t put pen to paper, because if I don’t then it can’t get wrong. And yes, it all sounds very silly, so I better get to it now!  ^__^



What happened to the painting?

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Well one thing led to another and we ended up at a couples’ dinner and then the weekend just came crushing down and there was no such thing as painting….

So instead of the painting I’ll show you one of my material experiments I did yesterday connected to my project.


Have a nice week!


Start of a project

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1797630_10152426188636285_8656603835821322577_nSIGN IMG17_0001small Oph SIGN

I have decided to make a childrens book.

This is part of a free project at the university to deepen my artistic skills, so this will happen through research and experiments with materials and so on and so forth. To be abe to focus I will not be posting much about this : ) though in time I will show you the result!

But I am doing stuff all the time so the blog will not go resting in a corner, for example, today I am painting with my boyfriend, update tomorrow afternoon. Have a nice weekend ^____^


Making a collection

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A description follows in the bottom : )












For once I thought you all could see the whole bunch of pictures before I laid it all out in text. This is a project of mine at the university, I am to make a collection out of ceramics and print on fabric. And above you have seen my ceramics part, I want to create a scene, therefore my print on fabric will also be in line of this theme. This is progress pictures and the final result will look like something else. I will explain more about the final results when it is finished ^^



Presentation Process Self-portrait


Finally, today I had my presentation of my enormous self-portrait.

I made a few small portraits to warm up for the big one you can them HERE

And then the beginning! It all started at the university up north.

IMG_6662SS IMG_6664SS IMG_6666SS IMG_6667SS IMG_6672SS IMG_6673SIGnsize IMG_6684SIGNsize

And now I had to pack it up into a flat package and bring with me when I went home. Well, at home I continued…this happened during a day!

IMG_6708SIGNsize IMG_6709SIGNsize IMG_6711SIGNsize IMG_6715SIGNsize IMG_6722SIGNsize IMG_6729SIGnsize IMG_6733SIGNsize IMG_6734SIGNsize IMG_6736SIGNsize IMG_6741SIGNsize IMG_6745SIGNsize IMG_1870SIGNsize IMG_1871SIGNsize IMG_1873SIGNsize IMG_1874SIGNsize

Yes! The first thing I did was just paint the whole thing over….and I did that a few times, until I ended up with the last painting in the row…by now I wanted to rip it all apart and well pee on it? or something *haha* Then I figured that after painting it over so many tiems with acrylic I had got a very plastic surface so I decided to start over. I had brought extra material home with me just in case, so I started over the next day on a clean surface!

IMG_6746SIGNsize IMG_6750SIGNsize


Now I had something to show when meeting my peers and teacher the morning after to get guidance…After this meeting I knew I work to fast without thinking, no thinking meant painting it over eventually… I also knew I can lay it up quite fast and skillfully. I did not only get bad stuff about, mostly good actually. We also spoke about how I in my smaller portraits worked with bigger areas of colour now worked it out in more detail…. From here my portrait continued to what would be my finished portrait, no more whiplash-painting-it-all-over-scenarios *Hehe*

IMG_6766SS IMG_6776SS

In the final stage of my painting I did not take as many photos, I was kind of into my painting. I took more pauses to reflect over my portrait and found tons of wrongs… and in the end this was my final painting I presented today.


I have got some useful tips on how I can make it better, and I am not sure whether it is finished or not. The eye is to far out, I could add some shine in the hair where the light hits, there are still much to be done if I want to…. I might consider the hints I have got today and think, reflect and stand glowering at the painting, and just take it all in…..

If you want to comment/give feed back, do it! : )


Art Exchange

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A friend and I have had this ongoing project of creating something and giving to eachother, like an art-trade. And today is the day, the day when we made the exchange ^^

For me:



For her:



I got my very own Totoro and she got her very own bird, which she also can hang on a hook ^^



Nude studies

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I have one or two things to show you all but today it will be my nude studies from last week, when I was at the university.

IMG_1825cropfixSIGNsize  IMG_1827cropfixSIGNsize  IMG_1831cropfixSIGNsize  IMG_1834cropfixSIGNfix  IMG_1835cropfixSIGNsize  IMG_1837cropfixSIGNsize

And my huge project this week is a huge self-portrait…so back to business…I painted it all over *hehe* but more about that later this week, with step-by-step pictures.