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Saturday I was out in the countryside with friends, barbiequeing (yepp barbie- sounds more fun) and drawing, I even took my first swim this year in a near by lake ❤

Before we left home my bearded man prepped our food.

My friend Sandra and I managed to convince my lovely man to drive us to the lake, luckily he decided to swim too!

When we got back I had the perfect scenery in my head, us two ladies being real cowards going in the freezing water…

Magasinet where we were is a piece of old building with that old smell and wood and dust, but lovely arranged with light and table and couches, perfect to gather for bigger events. And to the fall, an exhibition with friends ❤

Above is a goofy picture of me and Sandras scientist husband ☀

By the way…..

Today starts summer vacation!!!



Still home

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I am still home, but I think I am getting better, it feels easier in my body. A good co-worker pointed out yesterday that I will do no good being sick at work and that it won’t help me if I stress about getting better just to get back to work. Telling my dear boyfriend about this advice I had got made him sigh and shake his head, he said that THAT was what he had tried to tell me for several days…that’s me in a nutshell I suppose *hihi*

Well as people have pointed out not much I can do about work from home so I will sketch today and try to relax and then hopefully be back on my feet soon.

I wonder if Stefan is willing to make some more coffee before he is off to work..?! ❤


Coffee and pencil

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I have just had coffee and cake this evening just letting my hand move a pen, it felt nice!

IMG17_0018fixSIGNsize IMG17_0017fixSIGNsize

I did some kind of selfportraits.

This week I have been swamped with the task of planning lots of lessons I will be giving the next 4 weeks, I have actually been thinking that perhaps I should have a category for only ideas to do in the classroom if you’re an art teacher…I will think a bit more about it, though it is very creative, a whole new level somewhat *hihi*

My deviantart

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Wanna browse more of my stuff? You can find sketches, paintings, ceramics and *cough* really old stuff in the folder <scraps>


If you click the picture you will be redirected to my deviantart : )

Deviantart is more or less a community for artists of all kinds, so perhaps you will find more nice pictures here you like : )


New header in the making

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Not many night shifts left now, two more nights. I have been thinking of updating my header for a while now, so I took the opportunity to sketch when the old people were sleeping last night.

IMG17_0002 2fix size SIGN

Remember last time I changed my header, a few sketches were made so this might not be the one in the end, but it feels nice to put pen to paper : )