The silent supportive two

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I say: I don’t know what to do, where to begin…I am not sure I can make more trees for the moment to be honest…

My boyfriend says:  I usually begin with a tree and then I add a rock and then I add another rock and so on, that usually works for me…

And so I add a tree into a picture with a few creatures…. and then another tree and then another creature…and as it comes along it becomes a picture…and then we are silent for a good while, continuing our work. And all of a sudden I have made more pictures with trees, and it feels good.



His or my place, we can sit in the same room being creative, being silent and drink coffee and every now and then break the silence for some advice or just being proud of our work, showing off ^___^

Stefan has been sculpting some really awesome stuff lately, miniature fluffy animals!!! And he is the best at making fur, it really looks like something small cute and fluffy, though I am not sure he agrees on the cute..since they are supposed to be fluffy and….I think it is time for my bearded, handsome, creative man to start his own blog and really show off his work! ^___^

I kind of just went loose on making stuff that weren’t supposed to become anything special….and then I accidently made some sort of story…












Two girls going on an adventure. Still wokring on the ‘Inside out’ storyline…. who knows where it will end up : )




Deciding costume for Halloween

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A few might think that Halloween is a holiday passing by in silence, and yes, it is passing by in silence..sometimes…but not this year…..

The big question, who will you dress up like? I am still thinking, though I have someone in mind… and then yet again it will take some time to MAKE the outfit…


The costume hanging is this this one:  LINK

And no, I have not bought this wonderful costume, though….maybe I should….


Who will you dress up like?