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I’m trying out gouache again. Gouache is still a bit tricky…but…I really like the way the paint dries and the results you can get ❤ 

I probably made my drawing a bit conplicated, I could have made an easier one, but it was fun ❤ 

A friend of mine also tried it out, we agree with eachother….this will take a while to get the hang of 🙂 

Tomorrow I’ll continue working with it, I will have maaaaany bad paintings coming up 😉



Sketch day

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Just been chillin out low on energy, BUT still drawing and doodling 🙂 

Below are a few pages/drawings from my sketchbook today.

Time for bed!



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I have been feeling very tired the last couple of days, slight headaches and the last couple of weeks I havn’t been able to live without allergy pills and nose spray specifically for allergy. I did a few hours in the art studio with my partner this evening while watching a film, I just drew how I felt.

But then something happened, a small spark in my mind or a small break through….perhaps….maybe…to tired to fullt act on my inspiration right away I wrote down my ideas, and just let it rest until tomorrow when time is on my hands ❤

Perhaps I quit tonight before it all went to hell 😉

Nope, time to try to sleep, blogging from a dark bedroom with my sleeping bearded man next to me, his silent snores and even breath will help me sleep ❤ 


Sleep over in the woods

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I started with a blue sketch and then I went on with copics.

I really like popping colours, and fields that come forth using the copics.

Something gets lost here (above), I went on with paynes grey fw acrylic inks…so far so good and than I continued with watercolours….something is being lost…..time to dive into it again ☺️


Outdoor cinema

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The Flimmer Festival is a summer festival in my town where you watch movies at sundown in the towns parks, tonight they’re showing “Fantastic beasts and where to find them” 😀

I have loose plans to go ❤

Sketch that will be painted later. My bearded man is coming home soon, time to surprise him with coffee ❤



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I got my package today with materials from, right on time before my trip next week ❤ the illustration course up in Leksand !!!

Made a few drawings today using my materials, I am though saving the new sketchbook and illustrationboard 😉

If you want instant updates please check out my instagram @imaginaryleia 



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Saturday I was out in the countryside with friends, barbiequeing (yepp barbie- sounds more fun) and drawing, I even took my first swim this year in a near by lake ❤

Before we left home my bearded man prepped our food.

My friend Sandra and I managed to convince my lovely man to drive us to the lake, luckily he decided to swim too!

When we got back I had the perfect scenery in my head, us two ladies being real cowards going in the freezing water…

Magasinet where we were is a piece of old building with that old smell and wood and dust, but lovely arranged with light and table and couches, perfect to gather for bigger events. And to the fall, an exhibition with friends ❤

Above is a goofy picture of me and Sandras scientist husband ☀

By the way…..

Today starts summer vacation!!!


4 day weekend

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I continued on a painting during friday and happened to scribble a little with acrylic markers last night and today 

I find myself experimenting with layers and inks to see what is the best, or feel the best, I guess I am somewhat searching for the order if things…. yep still prepping for Leksand in the back if my head ❤

I have a small to do list for the summer which includes updating my portfolio! Just so you know ❤