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On monday I am meeting up a few friends for some graffiti-painting at the legal walls here in the town where I live ^___^

I will probably make an update on this on monday evening : )


Here you can view a few new water colour paintings ^___^



Week eleven at the university

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It is apparent where my focus has laid this week(check earlier posts), embarrased I did not study 100%…naah not really, I did actually start my days with looking through my school-stuff, so I did my sceduled work.

This week the university has changed my timetable like thrice…and the original assignment for the week has been prolonged. A parallel assignment was to watch a youth movie and write a reflection and discuss it next week while visiting the school(again), that I am doing tonight while eating dinner…. and then they thought we got a bit to little to do. So they threw in another assignment…to find a favorite photo which move you and write a few lines about why you chose it.

My problem was that I had so damn many photos to choose from. I am a member of the deviantart community and therefore I fave lots of pictures and many photos I like…. after soem time I chose this picture(press the picture and you will be redirected to its source).


I thought it was brilliant, the artist has more from where this comes from, so check it out. I described my choice from the point of view that it is simply cool. It is an awesome way to play around with photography and its possibilities.

The original assignment which I will present next week is about putting together a number of photos I snap and make a story from “my world”, or somehow describe a part from my own world that describes me… ye word-twisting, anywho… The coming week I take my backpack and go to the north, to the school and while there I will try to be a nice person… ye… but I will be longing home…as usual…. my life is here in my town and I like it here and besides…when I get home I will borrow one of my mom’s dogs for a whole week, imagine all the exersice I will give the dog(and myself for the matter) ^^