Quick drawing tonight

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Time for bed, but I really wanted to draw before bed 💕😌



Digital work

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I have been working a bit digitally 💕 Below is one of my recent digital paintings.

I have been active on instagram and starting to be more active on my facebookpage as well.

Insta @imaginaryleia

Facebook @imaginaryleia https://m.facebook.com/imaginaryleia

If you want a sneak peek at what’s coming during the weekend, please feel free to check it out ☺️

/ Leia

Yesterday’s projects

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Yesterday I cleaned my art studio, I have this habit of stacking stuff on my desk…and then in the end I sit with my sketchbook in my hands and don’t use my desk to other than storage. BAckstory!!! I found these AWESOME storage units, like small drawers in metal.

I was at the recycle station, the big one in town, and was just about to go past an middle aged man and a guy in my age, they were offcourse throwing stuff away from their car. I looked once, I was just about to move past hem when my legs turned on their own and from my mouth I hear myself asking if I can get the two drawers. They looked very surprised that anyone would confront them. Thing is that if you have thrown your stuff you may NOT take stuff because it is then owned by the municipality, BUT loop hole!!! if you ask BEFORe they throw it it is still the original owners and they can give it away. Very pleased I carried these two drawers to my car, they were heavy like…..daaaamn! but as you can se it worked really well in the studio to put away stuff but still have it conveniently close ❤

Yesterday I also engaged in a oil painting that has been standing in its easel!


Since I was going to have  an “artnest” of friends coming over I put away the easel and went on painting where I last left off. When I was finished, not finished finished, but it was so wet it has to dry before continuing, I was here:


Sorry for bad pictures, I have just taken the pictures from my instagram @imaginaryleia 🙂 Wanna get a little quicker updates of my art and other weird things I’m up to don’t hesitate to follow me on instagram 😀 ❤

When the Artnest kicked off I drew and also went ahead laying out a base for a new oilpainting, but since the colours are quite awesome, I will try to remember to snap photos/upload tomorrow, and you’ll see the awesomeness about it 😉

But the drawing on the other hand turned into a painting and I finished it.


Thought it was a bit funny to try to create some excitement in a painting 🙂 I guess I will bring that with me for future paintings as a mental note for myself 😉



Outdoor cinema

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The Flimmer Festival is a summer festival in my town where you watch movies at sundown in the towns parks, tonight they’re showing “Fantastic beasts and where to find them” 😀

I have loose plans to go ❤

Sketch that will be painted later. My bearded man is coming home soon, time to surprise him with coffee ❤



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I got my package today with materials from mattonbutiken.se, right on time before my trip next week ❤ the illustration course up in Leksand !!!

Made a few drawings today using my materials, I am though saving the new sketchbook and illustrationboard 😉

If you want instant updates please check out my instagram @imaginaryleia 



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Saturday I was out in the countryside with friends, barbiequeing (yepp barbie- sounds more fun) and drawing, I even took my first swim this year in a near by lake ❤

Before we left home my bearded man prepped our food.

My friend Sandra and I managed to convince my lovely man to drive us to the lake, luckily he decided to swim too!

When we got back I had the perfect scenery in my head, us two ladies being real cowards going in the freezing water…

Magasinet where we were is a piece of old building with that old smell and wood and dust, but lovely arranged with light and table and couches, perfect to gather for bigger events. And to the fall, an exhibition with friends ❤

Above is a goofy picture of me and Sandras scientist husband ☀

By the way…..

Today starts summer vacation!!!


4 day weekend

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I continued on a painting during friday and happened to scribble a little with acrylic markers last night and today 

I find myself experimenting with layers and inks to see what is the best, or feel the best, I guess I am somewhat searching for the order if things…. yep still prepping for Leksand in the back if my head ❤

I have a small to do list for the summer which includes updating my portfolio! Just so you know ❤ 


Digital painting

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I recently uploaded this piece.

So with music in my ears and in the middle of the night a few thoughts have popped into my mind.

I have always used Photoshop when drawing digitally, but since my best friend works with digital programmes all the time she gave me a tip to check out “Clip Studio Paint”. I always thought Photoshop was a bit tricky with so many menus and stuff, well Clip Studio Paint is really easy 🙂

I did a few digital paintings back in the day (I sound really old, but we are talking 10 years back!!). I owned this really sweet wacom, which I later gave away to my sister when I drew and painted more traditionally. What I first get quite amazed by is that I draw in very relaxed way in the prog. I remember I was very tensed before and really had to/wanted to follow lines and stuff, I worked with curves that I could fill in lines in. And now it just….is easy. That is really nice.

Painting traditionally have felt really nice, working with acrylics and water colour, the light has felt good and I have been thinking I got this…and then I turn to my new wacom and I am going to create light through trees…I have to redo it a few times to figure out how to get it where I want. I really need to work in the light, my idea here is to use references to copy light performances in different woods, everything to catch the right feeling.

Painting tree tops traditionally have been….well it has been going ok, I have mostly just tried to go around it. And then digitally…I cannot go around it……damn! So I guess I really have to deal with it and actually admit….I suck at tree tops!!!

I watched this video this morning when I was still in bed, it was a short one from schoolism about painting rocks digitally. I think my rocks I have made traditionally have been ok, sometimes I have really gotten the right feeling and I have just felt YEY I got the right stony feeling…and then I watched this video…I need to practice how to make rocks, there were are few really good tips from this video, check it out below.


If I turn to the piece I recently uploaded I played around a bit tonal corrections, I usually just alter those when I work with photos, so it felt a bit off. I think it feels like that because I have learned that you should mix your colours and find the right mix and then apply. Take for example if you work with oils, well you cannot go in afterwards and play around with tonal corrections. And perhaps a thoughts about what is right and wrong is still in my head. But I have to get used to that when I work digitally, it is just another tool to work up the best picture I can make….perhaps I been thinking it is cheating…but I am changing my mind into thinking it is a tool (since it actually is), every technique has its pros 🙂

One last thing…I need to come up with an effective way of building up my painting. I think the solution is to actually watch artists when they paint and but up their videos on youtube or something, to see how other build up their piece of works.


To do list

  • Practice light pretense in woods
  • Practice how to make awesome tree tops
  • Practice how to make the most awesome rocks
  • Come up with an effective way of building up my digital painting


Time to hit the bed, and on to my other digital painting tomorrow ❤