Ideas taking form

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I was at a friend of mine the other day and we made drawings and paintings and stuff, while drinking some delicious red wine ^^ But all I can think about is my next painting, and I think I am starting to get an idea where to begin….below are a few sketches…

IMG17_0001fixsizeSIGN IMG17_0002fixsizeSIGN IMG17_0003fixsizeSIGN IMG17_0004fixsizeSIGN IMG17_0005fixsizeSIGN IMG17_0006fixsizeSIGN

I got really happy when I could mix the sketches with different pencils and colours.That way I could work similiarly to how I work with the acrylic paint ^^ I am for the moment trying to decide my 6 colours I will use…that is how I did the last painting, I decided on 6 colours to use to keep it together. Last time I used: indian red, cadmium red, yellow ochre, black ivory, white titanium and cerulean blue. I am also thinking about really working the light in the upcoming painting… I am really looking forward to this!

My friend has a really cute kid who I think tried charcoal for the first time, he is three years old. He had charcoal all over himself, really cute! I even got a drawing he had made with charcoal ^^



Stage: Process

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Former stages

And now comes some real process pictures, in the end of this post you can see a few almost finished paintings, though those are not the final pictures of my wallpainting.

My client knew what she wanted and I made it happen, easily as that. She wanted trees and she wanted cherry-like flowers in it : )

Before starting out I had a few thoughts about how I would start out my trees, how would I sketch it up properly? should I sketch it up? In the end I did no such thing as sketching anything up with a pencil or anything. The thing about graphite is that it smudges easily and since my client’s walls is white it would look really nasty if it smudged. And charcoal…well it smudges too easily. So below you can see my solution to my thoughts of a sketch. I used masking tape to get my idea on the wall! It worked perfectly, I could move them around and ye this was a nice way of working.



And then I started to paint it all…




Below you see the first afternoon I worked with this, and below follows the three additional days it took to finish it.












This have been really fun to make! I have been working in odd positions and I have been climbing and drunk coffee and worked long day but all in all it was all worth it. And the best part is that my client is really happy about the result and her co-workers too, that warms my heart the most!

I will upload the final resut in the coming days, but if you want to see it for yourself you can swing by my client for coffee and something sweet. My client was Lotta’s konditori och bageri (in eng: Lotta’s patisserie and bakery). Directions and photos from their coffee place can be found on their facebook page, HERE. Below are pictures from their outpost.



Have a nice day!





Practising watercolour in the middle of the night

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Now I think it is best to go to bed, I still have some studies to deal with tomorrow, but I feel at ease within because I have been practising watercolour for a few hours now, so this is what my last white gap filled on my a4 paper ^^

I am really not the greatest at watercolour and I will keep saying that at least for a few months, but I do feel like I get it a bit more, little by little you know and in the end I hope it will come out great ^^

Good night, and hey it is only like a week left until christmas…!



Week two at the university

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This last week I have been working with colours and how they work together and change depending on the colours next to them. First off  the assignment said that I was to make a colour circle, but not that ordinary one where you use acrylics or anything, no no, I could make this colour circle out of whatever I wanted to.


I made mine out of candy, it is approximately 40 tones + primary: blue,red, yellow.

I made colour tests mising primary and secondary colours with white, grey and black, and then I was to consider how the colours change. Below, the first falling row is primary and secondayr colour and then the colours are mixed with white, grey mixed from white and black and black.

målad färgkartaSIGN

Everything we do, we do with the purpose of being able to teach it in the future, so the pictures I show here is a part of my presentation I did, which was made as a tool for teaching colour to school classes of the upper secondary school.

Further, I experimented with complementary colours and how they work. And to those new to the terms, it simply means that the colours that are positioned opposite in the colour circle complement each other and if you mix them you get different cold and warm grey tones.

IMG17_0003cropfixSIGN gul lila komp

During the seminar and presentation we discussed how colours work in our daily life and how they affect us, you know like in ads and stuff like that. We had an interesting discussion and I will absolutely use this presentation in the future. It was made in powerpoint as all our presentations are and therefore perfect to keep for future teaching. Something I usually think when I do powerpoint is that they have to be simple, nice to watch, and not to much text. I want it to have pictures and short explanations and from there I want to create discussions and reason within the class I am teaching and engage them in the current theme. I hope my way of teaching will show itself to be useful to my future students.


All I will say about next week is…CRAYONS!




What to choose

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An aneqdote from today.


I was just going to buy myself a new vacuum cleaner and a scanner and then all of a sudden I find myself in an outlet for clothes and shoes. I find the whitest shoes in the store and they fit perfectly, and the price was like nothing, I then walk around holding this shoe box really tight to my chest so that no one will be able to take them from me. On my way to pay for these ridiculous white shoes I set my eyes on somehting really colourful, socks. Who do not need socks for the winter, and yes winter is coming just like in Westeros. They were so colourful with stripes and dots and colours, and yes I was jumping up and down like a small girl, and yes I think my friend who were with me turned a few times to pretend I was a stranger.

I paid. And on my way home all I could think about was how I in the best creative manner could make the chalk coloured shoes as unwhite as possible in the most natural way.

I am set for the autumn. Please be autumn tomorrow when I wake up.



Winter is coming

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När löven faller mot marken då närmar sig vintern. Frosten kommer ta blomma efter blomma. Tomma träd kommer bära nysnö och skapa ett vitt landskap där alla spår kommer avslöjas. Nakna fötter mot marken kommer lämna spår då jag går framåt.



When leafs are falling to the ground winter is coming. Frost will take one flower and then another. Empty trees will bear the first snow and create a white landscape where every trace will be visible. Nude feet to the ground will leave a trace as I go forward.




Maybe I should think of some other way to share my texts, any good ideas how to go about it?





Put a brush on the wall

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The studio I share with two other women is a damp cellar with boring white walls, what would you have done if you had wall paint standing around and time to do as you please…








I have to thank my studio mate for the help ❤



Lines on acrylic base

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When I draw I usually just take a plain piece of paper and draw in black and white, so to say. It is easy and straight forward, and it feels good. Even though I like the black and white it can sometimes me nice with maybe one colour to work with to get some other tone to work with. I made an experiment. I painted acryliv colour on a plain paper, a bit thicker than usual, and it turned out really good, it did not crease much at all. And then I tried to sketch with my waterproof pencils on this surface. well here is the result.


I also tried out the aqua brushes on this surface as well, that got a bit messier. I had already figured out it would not stick to the acrylic surface so black lines and the thicker lines are made up of the waterproof pencils, the colour though is the aqua brushes.


In a few places I have just played around smudging the aqua brushes. The colours are pretty transperant and as the acrylic foundation is a yellow colour a few colours was really hard to use.

I think I will continue to use the aqua brushes where they are supposed to be used but I will absolutely keep on using the waterproof pencils like this. The surface has less friction than an ordinary paper and it is a fun way to change your way of working.


Another application

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To go into how I am going to order my studies is quite boring and very technical so I will just go straight to the art!

The self-portrait thingy went, well it went straight to hell… so… I am applying to another school instead and the day after hell I started working on the application, which offcourse include art samples. It felt quite ok though since the first task in the application was about portraits. I am going to use photos as reference and then work with multible colour print with linoleum. I really enjoy working with linoleum but not really had the time to try out to print with more than one colour so this will be really exciting. Below is one of my possible reference photos, I have not decided fully which ones to use yet. And I will be a bit crypitcal about the actual assignments I have to do for the application, since I still want to show you all what I am doing but at the same time not give away all my plans.



Wall painting project

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Before christmas my class in school got asked if we wanted to paint a corridor which belong to a home for teenagers. We said yes. Wednesday-friday this week we will be painting this corridor. We have the idea of painting a permanent exhibition with framed wall-paintings, and the frames will be painted aswell.

This is my idea.


There will probably be changes, but this is my original idea anyway. Woods with small faeries, nordic mythology style faeries, since I am from Sweden. I will also add a black frame. I will make it into a drawing on the wall, I will not use any colours, I want it look like a lino-print on the wall.

Pictures from this pretty huge project will be shown later this week when it has all started.